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Warriors Orochi 4

Koei Tecmo has released yet another trailer for its upcoming hack and slash title Warriors Orochi 4. You can check it out below.


Koei Temco published a new batch of details for its action game Warriors Orochi 4 today. Primarily, we have news on the Deification and Sacred Treasure systems.

Here’s the rundown on both:

Koei Tecmo published a new gameplay video for Warriors Orochi 4, showing off the game’s online Battle Arena Mode:

IGN has an extensive look at Warriors Orochi 4 with 18 minutes of footage. Check out the gameplay in the video below.

Koei Tecmo has come out with an entirely new Japanese trailer for Warriros Orochi 4. Find that below, along with a new web commercial.

Koei Tecmo released the latest information and trailer for Warriors Orochi 4 today. The company provides an update on the game’s characters as well as pre-order bonuses.

Here’s the full rundown:

Koei Tecmo updated the official Japanese website for Warriors Orochi 4, detailing the game’s base system as well as the two characters that were revealed earlier this week, Ares and Odin. We’ve compiled the new information below (credit to Gematsu for the translation):

The god of war and destruction. Since he is the oldest son born to Zeus and his wife Hera, he is extremely prideful and arrogant towards humans and low-ranking gods. He believes gods should have strict control over humans, and considers his father’s behavior of getting along with humans to be shameful.


The god that rules Asgard. Although predicted to perish during Ragnarok, the war of the gods, Odin acquired all power and wisdom to change fate and survive. From that point, he began to display an abnormal attachment to power.

Base System

At your base, you can use the items you acquired in battle, as well as strengthen officers and weapons.

Officer Strengthening

In addition to leveling up an officer with EXP acquired in battle, you can also learn skills by using the Skill Points you get by leveling up.

Weapon Forging

Assign attributes such as fire to your weapon slots using material items. New slots can also be added. Additionally, weapons acquired in battle can be disassembled and sold, and used to strengthen your base or other weapons.

Base Strengthening

Strengthen your base. Acquire skills that raise the abilities of all characters, as well as those that expand the functionality of your base.

Training Journey

Send characters on a “Training Journey” and they will grow. By acquiring base skills, you can increase destinations and the number of teams that can be sent out to train. Characters that return from a Training Journey will bring back Sacred Treasures and weapons as spoils of war.


Preview images of the latest issue of Famitsu have revealed two more playable characters for Warriors Orochi 4: Ares and Odin. We should have more concrete information on both of them once we get our hands on the full issue of Famitsu later this week.

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During a live stream today, Koei Tecmo announced Perseus as the latest playable character in Warriors Orochi 4. New footage from the game was shown as well. We have Perseus’ trailer below, along with a recording of the live stream with footage.

Koei Tecmo uploaded two new trailers for Warriors Orochi 4 showing off the characters Athena and Zeus. We have both attached below.

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