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A few new titles are coming to the Japanese eShop on August 2. Here’s a look at the upcoming digital download schedule:

Switch Download

Rei-Jin-G-Lu-P – 3,000 yen

3DS Download

Butterfly: Inchworm Animation II – 800 yen
Crystareino – 800 yen


Pokemon Shuffle has reached a new milestone. Specifically on 3DS, the game has been downloaded over 6.5 million times. The news is being celebrated with 30 hearts, 10,000 coins, and a Shiny Tyranitar for players.


This week’s Famitsu review scores are as follows:

The Great Ace Attorney 2 (3DS) – 9/9/8/8
Levels+ (NSW) – 8/7/8/8
Mama ni Game Kasareta (3DS) – 7/8/8/7
So Many Me (PS4) – 7/8/8/8
Super Ping Pong Trick Shot (NSW) – 6/6/6/7

Parascientific Escape – Crossing at the Farthest Horizon is coming soon to 3DS. To download the eShop game, you’ll need 999 blocks (124.875MB) of free space.

North America is getting Parascientific Escape – Crossing at the Farthest Horizon this Thursday. The European release will follow soon after.


Circle Entertainment has confirmed that Parascientific Escape – Crossing at the Farthest Horizon is coming to North America this week. The game will be distributed on Thursday via the eShop for $5.

Parascientific Escape – Crossing at the Farthest Horizon is also launching in Europe at some point. A release date hasn’t been announced, though it shouldn’t be too far off.

We’ve included some details about Parascientific Escape – Crossing at the Farthest Horizon below, along with a trailer

The fusion of puzzle solving escape game and command selection adventure game – Parascientific Escape series Vol.3 – is here!

Choose from the two previous protagonists: Kyosuke Ayana and Hitomi Akeneno, proceed with the separated stories on the stage of Latoua City, escape from three prisoned rooms!

Months after the luxury cruise ship explosion case, the girl with two psychic powers, Hitomi Akeneno, has engaged in saving people with the psychic research facility, ZENA, is struggling to strengthen her abilities.

At the same time, the detective with an artificial arm that has the ability to change the past time, Kyosuke Ayana, has just received the information that, Ritsu Kamiji, the person concerned with the serial killer case in Camellia Hills, would probably make some trouble in the small country of Eastern Europe, Witsarock. To stop the potential disaster, he set out for Witsarock.

Now, the time of crossing the two stories, has arrived.


My Nintendo in Europe has added four new rewards – select indie games on Wii U and 3DS that can be bought with Gold Points. All of these rewards are available until October 1st.

Zen Pinball 3D (3DS) – 50 Gold Points

BIT.TRIP Presents… Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien ( Wii U) – 100 Gold Points

Art of Balance (Wii U) – 90 Gold Points

Super Little Acorns 3D Turbo (3DS) – 50 Gold Points


A few new games out came out this week on the various eShops. If you’re interested in checking out what’s new in screenshot form, take a look at the gallery below.

Kid Tripp footage (off-screen)

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Kid Tripp is arriving on the 3DS eShop next week, and Switch at some point in the future. Take a look at some off-screen footage ahead of the release below.

More maintenance is taking place in the days to come affecting Switch as well as all of the eShops. For the latest maintenance schedule, continue on below.

Switch – all network services (online play, rankings, etc.)

– 5 PM PT (July 23) – 8 PM PT (July 23)
– 8 PM ET (July 23) – 11 PM ET (July 23)
– 1 AM in the UK (July 24) – 4 AM in the UK (July 24)
– 2 AM in Europe (July 24) – 5 AM in Europe (July 24)

Switch / Wii U / 3DS eShops

– 5 PM PT (July 24) – 7 PM PT (July 24)
– 8 PM ET (July 24) – 10 PM ET (July 24)
– 1 AM in the UK (July 25) – 3 AM in the UK (July 25)
– 2 AM in Europe (July 25) – 4 AM in Europe (July 25)


Kid Tripp has been given a release date on the 3DS eShop. In both North America and Europe, it’s scheduled next week.

Four Horses announced on Twitter today:

Kid Tripp is also planned for Switch. A release date for that version has not been announced at this time, however.


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