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Mario isn’t foreign to strange advertisements in Japan. You may recall that some kooky commercials were made for Mercedes-Benz a few years ago.

Mario and friends are back in action to promote Dekavita C, a Japanese energy drink. It’s not a one-sided promotion, as these new videos also show off the 3DS and highlight the recently-released Mario Sports Superstars.


What could be more mesmerizing than watching someone tumble down a mountain in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild? YouTube user HelixSnake ended up doing just that while attempting to use his shield to snowboard after it preemptively broke. With a few fairies in storage, that only ended the long trek down the mountain.

Earlier this week, Nintendo had a bit of fun with real life farmers by taking on a new challenge with 1-2-Switch’s Milk mini-game. PETA saw this, and has now written a bizarre letter of its own to the big N.

The animal rights organization believes that 1-2-Switch isn’t being realistic in terms of how it portrays cow milking, calling it “far from reality” as the real act may sometimes be more violent. PETA thinks Nintendo should make the experience more authentic and even asks for certain sounds to be added in. If that isn’t possible, the letter suggests that Nintendo should “switch to simulating activities in which no animals suffer.”

Here’s the full letter:

The folks over at Smosh have once again produced an “honest trailer” for a game. This time, the video focuses on Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Check it out below.

When a new device comes out, tech-focused YouTube channels can’t help but put them through all sorts of durability tests. Yesterday, GizmoSlip did just that, and in some… creative ways.

As a new Switch owner, I almost couldn’t help but cringe a bit seeing the abuse it was being put through. But hey, it survived numerous drops onto concrete, various trick shots such as being tossed through the air into the dock, and more. Guess Nintendo made a pretty sturdy device!

Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime stopped by CBS This Morning to promote Switch and chat about the new platform. For the most part, we’ve heard the questions and answers in previous interviews.

At one point, one of the show’s hosts brings up how Link is hot, which Reggie says is true. He then says that there are more girl gamers out there, and Nintendo takes pride in leading the way on that front. Switch is also intended to appeal to a wide demographic – anyone from the age of 5 to 95, Reggie said.

Here’s the full interview:

Suda51 was one of a few third-party representatives on hand for the Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017. He was there to announce plans for a brand new project on the new system featuring Travis Touchdown from No More Heroes.

Unfortunately, as many of you know, there were some translation issues with Suda51’s speech. In a new interview, he explained that a prompter was in place, but he “stuck to about 80% of the script.” Suda51 then formally apologized to the translator and wants to offer to fly him to Seattle for dinner. He also doesn’t anyone to give the translator grief about the situation.

It wasn’t all bad though. Suda51 noted that “Nintendo praised me and said it was a great presentation. Foreign people over here probably didn’t understand much of what was going on.”

Suda51’s speech did end up getting a proper fan translation a little while back. If you missed it, you can find the video right here.


As another way of promoting Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Nintendo UK sent series producer Eiji Aonuma “on a quest” to gain the Master Sword of Master Sword of Resurrection. Aonuma played around with battling a Guardian (in amiibo form), gathering food, and more before finally approaching the sword. Of course, this was all done in good fun.

We’ve shared the two brief clips from Nintendo UK below. Check out the full feature here.

The React channel has a new video up that has a group of teenagers reacting to (and playing) Super Mario Run. Check it out below.

Social news site Reddit is holding a Secret Santa event this year. Users were assigned a random person to give gifts to, and for one person in particular, she made out very well.

The Secret Santa for Aerrix, out of all people, was Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates. Now… why are we covering this here? The news itself is pretty incredible, but Gates actually packed in some Nintendo goodies. Aerrix received a plethora of items, but the ones we care about were nearly all Zelda-related: mittens (including matching ones for her dog), a tie blanket, and picture frame. If that wasn’t enough, Gates also sent the NES Classic Edition. Oh, and a paper version of the final form Master Sword from Skyward Sword.

Here are some of the photos and excerpts from Aerrix’s story:

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