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Nintendo has filed all sorts of patents over the years. Some have been used by the company, while others have been tossed to the side. One such patent that never became an actual product is a 2001 filing for a phone.

You can see some of the images from the registration below. It’s pretty standard stuff for the most part, but it does also appear to show options to buy games.


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The folks over at Smosh have once again produced an “honest trailer” for a game. This time, the video focuses on Star Fox Zero. Check it out below.

Warning: there are small snippets of footage from the game that some may consider spoiler territory, including a look at the final boss.

Shoe manufacturer Vans has teamed up with Nintendo for new footwear slated for the summer. In June, sneakers with designs based on various products from the Big N will be available, ranging from Mario to the NES.

You can get a look at some of the designs below. According to Solecollector, there are more designs to come.


More than 30 animators have come together over the past year to recreate the intro video shown in Super Smash Bros. Melee. The end result is rather impressive, as each person brings their own unique style to the table. Give the video a watch below.

Conan O’Brien has been running a successful “Clueless Gamer” on his late-night talk show for quite while now. In the latest video, he showcases Mario Kart 8 along with actors Seth Rogen and Zac Efron. You can see it in full below – note: contains some crude language and images.

In non-gaming news, Nintendo of America has announced the planned sale of a majority of its interest in the Seattle Mariners to other members of the current ownership group. Nintendo of America will hold on to a 10 percent stake in the team, while the remainder of its holdings will be sold to other members of First Avenue Entertainment LLLP (FAE). To clarify, FAE is the limited partnership that owns the Seattle Mariners, and a majority interest in ROOT Sports NW. Before the transaction closes, it’ll be subject to the finalization of legal contracts and approval from Major League Baseball. Nintendo expects this to happen in August.

CEO Howard Lincoln, who was once chairman of Nintendo of America, will be retiring day-to-day operations. John Stanton will replace him as Chairman and CEO, as well as as the designated Major League Baseball Control Person. Lincoln will remain a part of the FAE Board of Directors, representing Nintendo’s ownership interests.

Howard Lincoln said in a statement today:

“From the first day of our involvement nearly 24 years ago, Nintendo has had two goals for its investment in the Mariners. First, we wanted to assure the permanence of the team in this great city. And on that count, I am proud and gratified that this agreement further solidifies that goal. On the other hand, I’m equally disappointed that we have not been able to host a World Series game for our fans.”

John Stanton added:

“My goal and the goal of the entire Mariners ownership and management team is to win a World Series. I believe that the Mariners are well positioned to achieve that goal and it will be my honor to lead the organization. I want to thank Howard for his leadership for the last 17 years and thank the members of the board and ownership for giving me this opportunity.”

Source: Nintendo PR

Goku isn’t in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U through any official capacity, but modders are making the character’s inclusion possible. It’s in beta, but here’s a look at the progress thus far:

Ryu’s model has been swapped out with textures for Goku. There are voices in place, but those seem to be temporary.


Good Egg Galaxy is one of the very first areas players encounter in Super Mario Galaxy. Towards the start of the level, players can encounter a door to receive some advice. You stand in front of it to make a “Read” icon appear, and then press “A” to have a message displayed.

Tumblr page “Supper Mario Broth” uncovered a bit of craftiness Nintendo used here. Players are actually interacting with a signpost through the door, meaning Nintendo repurposed the sign for new functionality. By doing so, the developers didn’t have to create a readable door object from scratch. We’ve seen this sort of thing in other games before, but it’s interesting to see it here as well!


The folks over at Smosh have once again produced an “honest trailer” for a game. This time, the video focuses on Pokken Tournament. Check it out below.

No April Fools’ Day news story from us, but we do have something that fits in with the festivities…

The Donkey Kong Country series is well known for the high quality of its music. With the atmospheric score of David Wise, the quirky tunes of Eveline Fischer and the unforgettable melodies of that other guy, it’s a franchise full of famous songs. So with that in mind, it’s worth highlighting the finest tracks that formed the soundtrack to our childhoods. Here are ten of the best tracks inspired by the hit video game:

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