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A new tidbit of information about a pair of Pokemon were shared on the series’ website today. Specifically, we have some… interesting news about Machoke and Machamp.

Both characters don’t actually wear pants. Instead, the what you see are markings, meaning Machamp or Machoke don’t wear pants as many had assumed.

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The Wii U and 3DS eShops in North America have been updated with some special holiday music. You can get a listen to it through the video below.

The new Ratchet & Clank game for PlayStation 4 features a noticeable reference to Star Fox. In the video below, you can hear one of the characters calling out to the main player to “do a barrel roll”. Of course, that’s one of the most recognizable lines in Star Fox’s history!


One fan is building on the success of Super Mario Maker with a similar project for PC. The Legend of Zelda Maker, which is currently in alpha, can be downloaded from Dropbox here or Mediafire here.

Creator Dream Mix wrote in the game’s YouTube description:

“Zelda Maker (Temp) is a non-official project started by myself, which will allow players to create and share Legend of Zelda worlds of their own. Nintendo will cease and desist a project like this, so in time, when I’ve got the ability to change the sprites, I will do so, and I will also add things that Zelda games don’t have to make it a somewhat unique experience. Regardless, I won’t be acting like this isn’t going to be a Zelda (Maker?) clone, through and through. I’d just like to add some things that I think official Zelda games could use. This is a very early build of the game, and it does not represent what the final game will look like.”

You know how these sorts of things tend to go. Fan projects like these don’t usually sit well with Nintendo, so the Big N might be looking to pull the plug on this pretty soon.


XSEED Games is handling the localization of Return to PopoloCrois: A Story of Seasons Fairytale. For the western release, the company decided to name one of the various cows in the game after PlatinumGames’ Hideki Kamiya. We’re not really sure how or why that happened, but XSEED apparently has some sort of story about the naming process. Maybe they’ll share it with us one day!


The folks from Smosh are back again with another “honest trailer”. This time around, the YouTube channel pokes fun at the classic N64 game Banjo-Kazooie. Check it out below.

The latest video from the “React” YouTube channel has kids giving Pokemon Snap a look. Watch the video below.

Here’s some random but interesting news. With the exception of World at War (which used GameSpy servers), the Call of Duty games on Wii still have workable online multiplayer. In this day and age when servers tend to be turned off a little quickly, that’s slightly surprising!


Every single year, rumors come about with people claiming to have some insider knowledge about what Nintendo will be announcing at E3. This speculation comes in many different forms, such as from those who say that they have an “internal document” with complete information about what will be revealed. Of course, these things are never true, but that doesn’t stop them from appearing each year.

Now’s your chance to get in on the fun! Someone has gone out of their way to create a website that generates fake rumors pertaining to Nintendo’s Digital Event once the page loads. Give it a look here.



Some fans have gone out of their way to recreate Splatoon in Minecraft. It’s designed for 4v4 play, though it works with any team size. There’s much more in the YouTube video below as well as its related description.

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