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The folks over at Smosh have once again produced an “honest trailer” for a game. This time, the video focuses on Pokemon GO. Check it out below.

Update: If that wasn’t enough, here’s a video from earlier in the week when people were going nuts in Washington’s Downtown Park (Bellevue) after a Squirtle appeared:

Continuing the insanity that is Pokemon GO, a stampede formed in New York’s Central Park last night when players came across Vaporeon. This isn’t the easiest creature to catch, so when it was detected at around 11 PM, the crowd went into a frenzy.

Again, we’re not going to be posting too many off-beat news posts stemming from Pokemon GO, but things like this are tough to resist. It’s just crazy seeing the types of things happening!


The latest video from the “React” team has teenagers giving Pokken Tournament a show. Take a look at the video below to see who comes out on top between a few different competitors.

Update: Shayla told Kotaku that she did not capture the Pokemon she was looking for since she stopped playing to call the police.

“[The police] didn’t really know what [Pokemon Go] was. They’re were just like ‘okay.’ I was like, extremely scared, I didn’t know what to do…I was shaking and crying.”

All sorts of stories have been popping up since the launch of Pokemon GO. A few have been heartwarming, others have been unexpected, and some have been downright strange. We aren’t going to be posting too many of them since they’re a bit off-beat for the site, but there is just one we’ll share here due to how odd (and yet very sad at the same time) it is.

19-year-old Shayla Wiggins was playing Pokemon GO earlier today… and happened to come across a dead body floating in the river. She was hoping to capture a creature from a natural water resource. That’s when she took a glance at the shore and saw something in the water. After realizing what was happening, Shayla called the police, who arrived quickly.

Detectives believe the body had been there for less than 24 hours. Additionally, police are saying that “the death appears to be accidental in nature and possibly that of a drowning.”

For something a little more upbeat, Polygon has a story on how Pokemon GO is bringing together. GameSpot also published something about a new father catching a Pidgey as his wife gave birth.


The folks over at Smosh have once again produced an “honest trailer” for a game. This time, the video focuses on Mighty No. 9. Check it out below.

Update: Here’s some footage:

As unfortunate as it is, Chinese companies creating blatant ripoffs of Nintendo products is nothing out of the ordinary. But the newest mobile game may take the cake as the worst offender yet.

In the attached gallery, we have a look at Sepia Go!, one of the newest titles from China. It should only take a second to realize that what we have here is something that is attempting to mimic Splatoon in every way – from the art to the characters to the gameplay. Nintendo should be none to happy with these sorts of things floating around out there.

Thanks to Stephen Lv for originally pointing this out to us.

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The Play Nintendo YouTube channel has a new promo of sorts up for Kirby: Planet Robobot. In the video below, Dr. Landerson and his “assistant” Ziegfried talk about the game itself and show off what they’ve been building as they try to create one of their own Robobots.

The React channel posted a new video today that has teens reacting to a Nintendo game: Bayonetta 2. If you’d like to see it, you can watch the full thing below.

Father’s Day is coming up on Sunday. Nintendo is keeping the occasion in mind, and has created a short visual story in celebration of the event to remind us about bonding through father-son gaming. Check it out below.



Finally we have a photo of Shigeru Miyamoto, Eiji Aonuma, and Reggie Fils-Aime together as we head into tomorrow’s E3 stream. Miyamoto and Aonuma are both wearing t-shirts that feature the same Sheikah symbol found on the E3 site. Not too long to go before the fun begins!


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