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Fire Emblem Warriors version 1.2 launching on November 16th

Posted on November 8, 2017 by in New Nintendo 3DS, News, Wii U

Fire Emblem Warriors is getting a new update and it’s coming next week on November 16th. Below is the official list of changes coming to the game from the Japanese website translated by Gematsu.

History Map: “Hero Contest”

Adds the new History Map “Hero Contest,” where Rowan and Lianna battle against various heroes in an arena setting.

Weapon Attribute: “Armor Piercer Blow”

Adds the new weapon attribute “Armor Piercer Blow.” The enemy hit by a weapon with this attribute will enter an “armor break” state that lowers their defense and resistance. However, if you are hit by the enemy with a strong attack, you will enter the armor break state.


When Rowan and Lianna enter the armor break state, their character models will change as to destroy the equipment they are wearing.

New Costumes

The “Gold Prince” costume has been added for Rowan, and the “Gold Princess” costume has been added for Lianne.


  • Support for the free downloadable content “English Voice Pack” (available via the Nintendo eShop).
  • New blessings have been added to the temple.
  • Bulk sale of weapons added.
  • Bug fixes.

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  • Pepperkeet

    I havent touched this game since odyssey came out…

    • Locky Mavo

      I’m currently enjoying now, since I don’t have Odyssey yet. Probably the only up side to not owning one the best games to come out this year.

    • Noo Badie

      I have, I really should get back to odyssey though

  • JasonBall


    Wait what ooh

  • Roto Prime


  • Force

    How about, no to disrobing, and yes to that armour?

  • QuestionKing3445

    Aw yes!!! XD
    Armor breaking clothing (that kinda looks like gym clothes) and palette swapped costumes, plus an arena like map, this looks to be a great update 🙂

  • DiscoGentleman

    Hope it will fix those seemingly random game crashes that drive me crazy

  • Sean Olesen

    i want video capture

  • awesomeparadise3

    Is this free? That’s sick!

  • Kewl.

  • Umegames Official

    NICE! really enjoying this game so far.

  • Symbol de Au

    When are they going to finally add motion controls? I feel like an idiot just sitting around pressing buttons.

    • JasonBall

      Omg that’s hilarious thanks for making my night.