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Hyrule Warriors scans show new characters, Ocarina of Time stages, and more

Posted on July 23, 2014 by (@NE_Brian) in Images, Wii U

Update: Translated details are being posted here.

We’ve secured the latest Hyrule Warriors scans from this week’s issue of Famitsu. The images give a look at new characters (Sheik, Darunia, and Princess Ruto), Zelda: Ocarina of Time stages (like Lake Hylia and Death Mountain), and more. We’ll have translations up soon.

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  • Tylos

    Yeeeeee megaton hammer!

  • Tylos

    Hmmm… teh great DEKU tree… I NEED THIS GAME!

    And this game needs more male characters to play as.

    • Mathew Gibbons

      It doesn’t “need” them. Plenty of games have barely any female characters and no one bats an eyelid, a mostly female cast (without bouncing breasts in skimpy outfits) is good for gaming. Besides most of the notable characters in Zelda are women.

      • Keaton

        Games don’t “need” female characters either.

        It doesn’t stop people from complaining about their lack of presence.

        • Mathew Gibbons

          Actually gaming does need a stronger female presence. Maybe not “ladies everywhere” but enough of one that people don’t really notice when a game like this does have a mostly female cast.

  • Edgarska

    Darunia with Megaton Hammer is amazing.

  • That rap dude from church

    We’ve had two characters per LoZ game, but OoT get 3 announced? Hmmm

    • Skyward Sword has two: Fi and Ghirahim. But Impa is heavily based on SS’s design. And Twilight Princess has three as well: Midna, Agitha and Zant.

      • That rap dude from church

        That’s what I was insinuating with the “hmmm”. TP has 2 reps (Agitha & Midna) with Zant as a boss, and SS has 2 reps as well (Fi & Impa) with Ghirahim and Imprisoned as bosses. What I think is Zant and Ghirahim are unlockables cuz it would be stupid of them to not make them playable. Btw OoT Link is lookin beast.

        • Don’t forget Argorok which also comes from TP as a giant boss as well. And don’t forget Ganondorf is confirmed from OoT as well.

          OoT Link looks badass!

          • That rap dude from church

            Oh yeah him too lol I just think if we are going to get characters from these 3 worlds it should be more than 3 of each game. It doesn’t make sense knowing DW’s notoriety of large rosters.

          • Agreed. To me it was disappointing to find out they would limit this game to feature just three Zelda games, but they better bring it full power.

          • That rap dude from church

            Yeah… I’m thinking they wanted to limit it, so in the future if a sequel happens, they have more material to work with. But so far it seems they limited the characters of the games they’re working with as well which is strange. I hope I’m wrong tho.

          • Yeah. There is still time to prove you wrong, but sadly you could be right as well.

        • MagcargoMan

          Impa’s a recurring character, not a Skyward Sword rep. She’s been a ninja way before Skyward Sword.

          • That rap dude from church

            Already cleared that up in a previous comment, what I meant was that her design is inspired more from her look in SS.

          • MagcargoMan

            I noticed that after I commented. Sorry about that.

    • Mathew Gibbons

      Actually Skyward Sword only has one confirmed character so far. While Impa’s design is strongly influenced by her Skyward look this is a new Impa design. And if we’re counting Ghirahim then have to count Zant too bringing Twilight Princess up to three.

      • That rap dude from church

        Didn’t think about Impa that way, but I see what you mean. Nonetheless Ghirahim and Zant are unfortunately not confirmed as playable yet (Enemies, yes. Bosses,no). I too think they’re a shoo in (I dunno if that’s how you say it) because their movesets are practically already done.

        I want to believe Team Ninja knows what they’re doing, but they’ve let me down so much I don’t know what to think about who they’d choose. Heck the game isn’t even out and they already have 6 planned costumes for DLC.

  • The Green Hylian

    I hope Ghoma isn’t as easy to beat as she was in Ocarina of Time.

  • Cyan

    Lana is using the Deku Leaf on the third pic! 😮

    • Cyan

      And the Boomerang from OoT and 2 Gale Boomerangs.

  • Carlos

    It looks like some of the dungeons may be accessible, which is pretty cool.

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