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New Fire Emblem Warriors footage (History Mode, Lyn, more)

Posted on September 22, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in New Nintendo 3DS, Switch, Videos

Koei Tecmo had a whole bunch of Fire Emblem Warriors footage to show at its Tokyo Game Show event today. We get a first look at History Mode, new Lyn gameplay, and more. Check out the recording below.

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  • Hidden Flare

    About half way through this video. I have a few ideas of what history mode could be and how it relates to adventure mode from Hyrule but I think I’ll wait till later where we may get some translations. Cool to see past two newest characters shown off. Looking pretty good so far.

  • Vigilante_blade

    So, observation here….

    – Lyn wields two swords, something Navarre is known for.
    – Chrom and Lucina have the same moveset but different specials.
    – Marth and Celica have the same moveset but different specials.
    – Cordelia and Hinoka have the same moveset, specials may or may not be different.
    – Takumi and Sakura have some simila rmoves, not seen enough to tell how similar they are
    – We didn’t see Rowan in action, but similar sword to Liana

    Seems we got a lot of clones here.

    I don’t mind clones, especially if it means I get units I like. However, that removes their excuse of not being able to add a lot of characters.

    • Tlink7

      When did they say they weren’t going to add a lot of characters? The devs have constantly been saying ”this Warriors collab has the largest roster bla bla bla”

      • Vigilante_blade

        This refers to commenters, but also refers to the devs not being able to justify not adding units form other games. They clearly can.

        • Tlink7

          They can indeed

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