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Rime – rough Switch vs. PS4 comparison

Posted on May 23, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in Images, Switch

Nintendo showed off the first footage of Rime on Switch last week during a special indies episode of Nyannyan Neko Mario Time. Using gameplay from that video as well as a trailer from January, one fan put together a few rough comparisons for the Switch and PS4 editions. See how the two versions stack up below.


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  • metalpants

    Well that’s interesting… It’s usually the Nintendo platform versions that look washed out while the other ones look more vibrant. Nice to see they chose to give the Nintendo version a better treatment this time around. Although it can be fixed with a quick patch on PS4.

    • Or somebody simply didn’t enable Full RGB on their PS4, that can make any game look washed out.

      • metalpants

        Or not? You sound a little triggered for something so irrelevant, lol.

        • Hah, no. I just thought that I should bring up that point because it’s usually the case in graphics comparisons like this. Sorry if I came off as being hostile

      • amak11

        It’s very much possible that the PS4 version looks this washed out even with it on. That’s the joy of post-processing

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    • popo123

      It’s old footage with the Ps4 version(4 month old trailer) so the final release will probably be the same in colors.


      Wait for comparisons that are not homemade!

      • metalpants

        Way late to the party, and a completely irrelevant contribution to the conversation. This PS4 footage is from a months old trailer. No need to continue this conversation, lol.

  • I think that in the end, the Switch version will be almost exactly the same as the PS4 version. This game isn’t nearly as straining as a game like Destiny 2.

  • Playing the PS4 version now and though not necessarily too bad, there are a few annoying frame rate dips. Hopefully this can be sorted by the time the Switch version releases

  • just wait until the game comes out

  • hi v3.0

    If they didn’t label it I would’ve thought the left side was the Switch version…

  • David

    Well, if anyone watched the Neko Mario thing, the Switch footage looks very rough around the edges. I think it might be that they used portable version footage and blew it up. Hopefully it’s a lot more polished than that once it’s out.

  • Jesiah Grant

    I’m intrigued, if the reviews are positive enough I’ll pick this up on switch digital

  • ben

    I prefer the colour of the switch game.

  • Constantinos Lapiotis

    Is it me or the Switch version looks better?

  • popo123

    That’s from a 4 month old trailer footage on the Ps4 being compared to recent footage. Further optimizations can lead to further changes in a game. Wait til they release new footage on other consoles.

  • Tlink7

    So the difference is the PS4 version is haunted by perpetual mist?

  • Xstream

    Comparison shots are pretty pointless when you take them at different parts of the day!

    • Professor Murder

      I was thinking the same thing. The sun is casting shadows in completely opposite sides in those second photos, so you can’t even compare them effectively.


    From a fan? that seems leggit!

    I wonder what company he is a fan of…

  • Professor Murder

    This footage from the PS4 looks NOTHING like these old washed out images above.
    The footage I see shows wonderful colors going on.

  • popo123

    The game is already playable on the Ps4. Footage shows the colors are the same. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pPlBgCaWhRo

  • Motoyama

    Google for PS4 vs PS4 Pro comparison video. This game looks terrible and the frame rates is anywhere from below 30fps to 40+fps. Why does a game that looks this terrible can’t run at 1080p with 60fps?? Breath of the Wild looks way better and can run at near 30fps with a few dips on the Wii U(at 720p) though..but hey…this is PS4!!!! Seriously, the developers are just noobs.