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Culdcept Revolt

NIS America has uploaded a trailer showing off the general overview for their upcoming game, Culdcept Revolt. Culdcept Revolt will be launching on August 29th this year over in the west. Check out the new trailer below.

Culdcept Revolt character introductions

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NIS America is sharing new details about Culdcept Revolt today starting with the game’s characters. The image above introduces Allen and also shows off the Free Bats as well as the Court’s Army.

NIS America also passed along the following information:

The main story takes place in “Quest Mode”, where you play as Allen, a man who wakes up in the city of Celphas with no memory of how he got there. He is discovered and rescued by the rebel group, the Free Bats, as he begins to recall his past and his powers as a Cepter. As you collect cards and search for Allen’s lost memories, the mystery of the city of Celphas slowly begins to reveal itself.

In addition to experiencing the story of Allen and the Free Bats, you will also be able to play optional challenge stages in Quest Mode for over 150 single player stages.

Culdcept Revolt heads to North America on August 29 and Europe on September 1.

Source: NIS America PR

NIS America will release Culdcept Revolt Limited Edition, the publisher revealed today. The standard version will still be sold, but dedicated fans can pick up this special package for extra goodies.

The Culdcept Revolt Limited Edition has a copy of the game, hardcover art book, 1-disc original soundtrack, set of two dice, set of seven foil cards, and a collectors’ box. Pre-orders are open here.

Thanks to Roto for the tip.

NIS America has released the boxart, trailer, and fact sheet for Culdcept Revolt following today’s localization announcement. We have all of that content rounded up here in the post.

Culdcept Revolt coming west this summer

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NIS America is localizing Nintendo’s Culdcept Revolt, the company announced today. The game will be released in the west this summer.

This is a pretty big announcement, as Nintendo originally published Culdcept Revolt in Japan last year. Localization was starting to look unlikely, but now NISA is handling the title for North American and European 3DS owners.

Lots of Culdcept Revolt footage

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In Japan, Nintendo published Culdcept Revolt earlier this month. Take a look at a bunch of footage from the final retail version below.

Culdcept Revolt footage

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Culdcept Revolt was featured on the latest episode of Denjin Getcha. Check out some footage from the episode below.

Media Create has offered some extra insight into this week’s Japanese sales.

Nintendo brought out a new Splatoon Wii U bundle on July 7. From that day through July 10, it sold about 12,000 units, according to Media Create’s data. It helped boost Wii U sales roughly 3.5 times compared to the previous week (15,470 vs. 4,444).

As for Culdcept Revolt, we previously mentioned that it sold just over 29,000 copies. While it was the top seller in Japan, sales for the game are about half of the previous release. The last entry moved 55,000 copies in its first week back in 2012.

Nintendo is distributing a new 3DS puzzle for StreetPass in Mii Plaza in Japan. To promote the game’s launch, a panel based on Culdcept Revolt is now available. I don’t see this one ending up in North America or Europe unless Nintendo decides to bring the title over!

Thanks to Jason for the tip.

Earlier today, Nintendo held a second Culdcept Revolt Direct. The full recording can be watched below.

There are a few things worth highlighting. First, various DLC sets will be distributed, including book cover, avatar, and dice for 300 yen a piece. Nintendo is also planning maps, avatars, and book covers as DLC.

A Culdcept Revolt theme is planned for release on July 7 at 200 yen. Additionally, My Nintendo members can pick up the book cover Soltice for use in Culdcept Direct between July 7 and August 31 for 50 Platinum Coins.

Here are a couple of soundtrack samples:

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