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Nintendo has announced a brand new Fire Emblem game for 3DS, titled Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia.

– Siblings gods Duma and Mila
– The two clashed over different ideals
– Valentia divided; both ruling different areas
– Each peldged to never violete each other’s sections
– Honored for millenia
– Kingdom of Zofia founded by Mila had happy people
– Mila’s gifts spoiled Zofians, sank into desparity
– In the North, Duma built his own empire
– Harsh lands and harsher teachings here
– Rigelians let their hearts grow cold and numb to kindness
– Both halves of the contintent in a fragile state
– Valentia lies on the cusp of a terrible war

– Every aspect of Gaiden’s presentation updated
– Free roaming
– Dungeons crawling with enemies
– Flexible character progression
– Classic Fire Emblem gameplay with a twist

Update: This may unfortunately just be an error on Nintendo’s website. As one example, the Ultra Street Fighter II page has “Pokemon Moon with Lunala Figure for Nintendo Switch”, which linked to a 3DS pic.

Original: Nintendo is holding a Fire Emblem based Nintendo Direct this week, but one bit of news from it might have dropped early. NeoGAF user Mr. Pointy found evidence that a version of Fire Emblem Fates: Revelation may be making its way to the Switch. Searching through the source code for the Fire Emblem Warriors page from Nintendo’s website reveals a hidden image/link for “Fire Emblem Fates: Revelation for nintendo switch”. There is no listing for either Birthright or Conquest, but that doesn’t rule them out. Hopefully this shows up in this week’s Direct!

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Game Informer has now published its full interview with Paper Mario: Color Splash producer Kensuke Tanabe. Tanabe was asked about a variety of topics, including the inspiration behind repainting the world, whether the team ever considered ditching combat entirely, and the team’s sense is for what fans of the Paper Mario series would like to see in the future.

Continue on below for a roundup of Tanabe’s notable responses. Read the full interview on Game Informer here.

Nintendo and Intelligent Systems released the successful 3DS eShop puzzler Pushmo before moving on to Crashmo one year later. Pushmo World was then made back in 2014 for Wii U. Apparently, the franchise was intended to have another entry on the console.

After finishing Pushmo World, Intelligent Systems pitched an idea to Nintendo that would give Wii U the same treatment as Crashmo had on 3DS. The working title was, unsurprisingly, Crashmo World. Development moved along in 2015 and progressed for a year, but Intelligent Systems started to shift resources over to Switch.

Crashmo World was actually planned as a 2017 title on Wii U. There was some discussion about potentially moving it over to Switch, though it was ultimately canned instead.

Here’s the full report from Liam Robertson:

Nippon Ichi Software was confirmed as a partner for Switch, but it’s been unclear as to whether or not the company is actually working on projects for the platform. Fortunately, we can now say that the team is “in proper development”.

Speaking to Japanese website 4Gamer about its ambitions for 2017, NIS president Soheii Niikawa said:

“Nippon Ichi Software will deliver various content from Gifu Prefecture to the world. In 2017 as well, we will actively launch new IP in the consumer game market. But it doesn’t end there. We will steadily take on new initiatives. We also have Nintendo Switch project(s), so please look forward to that. (There has been some skepticism about our company’s participation, but…. we’re in proper development!)”

NIS has been primarily been known as a PlayStation developer, though the company did create some games for Wii and DS (plus an obscure 3DS game during the system’s early days). They’re known for the likes of Disgaea and Phantom Brave.


Nintendo of Europe out a new video together which goes over the history of Fire Emblem. We’ve posted it for your convenience below.

Nintendo uploaded a new Paper Mario: Color Splash video today that servers as an accolades trailer of sorts. View it below.

Here’s something rather strange about Paper Mario: Color Splash. In the North American and European versions, the washing machine design differs between the two regions. For those who are unaware, this is one of the “Thing” cards in the game.

It’s currently unclear why two unique models were prepared. This sort of makes you wonder what’s in the Japanese version!


The Fire Emblem Fates Camilla figure is something that’s been shown off before, but only as a prototype and without color. At New York Comic Con this weekend, she’s fully on display.

Here’s a closer look:

As a bit of interesting trivia, did you know that Intelligent Systems is directly responsible for the Camilla figure?

Thanks to Roto Prime for the tip.

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More Paper Mario: Color Splash art

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We have a handful of additional art from Paper Mario: Color Splash. The gallery below shows characters, the map (including what it looks like “filled in”), and more.

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