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NIS America

NIS America will release Culdcept Revolt Limited Edition, the publisher revealed today. The standard version will still be sold, but dedicated fans can pick up this special package for extra goodies.

The Culdcept Revolt Limited Edition has a copy of the game, hardcover art book, 1-disc original soundtrack, set of two dice, set of seven foil cards, and a collectors’ box. Pre-orders are open here.

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Last month NIS America announced the localization of RPG Maker Fes. The title is on track for a summer launch in North America and Europe. For a look at the English build, watch the following video:

Update: There’s been a lot of talk about the click sound Switch makes when you connect the Joy-Con controllers (plus a bit of a video effect). You can watch that at the 7:13 mark below.

Original: During a live stream at the end of last week, Nippon Ichi showed some of the first direct-feed gameplay of Disgaea 5 Complete running on Switch. We have the full recording below.

Disgaea 5 is heading to Japan for Switch’s launch on March 3. The North American and European release will follow at the end of May.

News about RPG Maker Fes continues to stroll in. Having just announced the title for the west, NIS America has now revealed the RPG Maker Fes Limited Edition. The special package comes with a copy of the game, Collector’s Box, 36-page softcover art book, and one-disc original soundtrack.

Pre-orders are open here. It’ll cost $49.99.

NIS America is preparing a special bonus for Disgaea 5 Complete. If you pick up a physical version of the game, you’ll receive a reversible cover. This will be bundled with all copies of the game at launch.

Disgaea 5 Complete reaches North America on May 23. The European release is set for May 26.

NIS America has released the boxart, trailer, and fact sheet for Culdcept Revolt following today’s localization announcement. We have all of that content rounded up here in the post.

NIS America has released the boxart, trailer, and fact sheet for RPG Maker Fes following today’s localization announcement. We have all of that content rounded up here in the post.

RPG Maker Fes is officially heading west. During its annual press event tonight, NIS America announced the localization of the game creator title for 3DS. The news had been previously leaked through an Australian classification.

RPG Maker Fes launches overseas this summer. We should have a more concrete date in a couple of months.

NIS America is localizing Nintendo’s Culdcept Revolt, the company announced today. The game will be released in the west this summer.

This is a pretty big announcement, as Nintendo originally published Culdcept Revolt in Japan last year. Localization was starting to look unlikely, but now NISA is handling the title for North American and European 3DS owners.

Update: May 23 for North America, just announced at NIS America’s press event.

Disgaea 5 Complete had previously been targeted for Spring 2017 on Switch. Thanks to the latest issue of MCV, we now have a concrete date.

MCV has Disgaea 5 Complete down for May 26. We should point out that this news comes from a UK magazine, but we expect the North American release to be planned for around the same time, if not the same day.

NIS America senior associate producer Alan Costa told MCV:

“Both versions are the same. However, the Switch version features all the DLC from the PS4 version. We will definitely be emphasizing that all DLC can be found on the Switch version as well as highlighting that the game can be played at home or on the go.”

Bonus playable characters and new scenarios encompass the included DLC. The content “adds many more hours of content and strategy to the base game as well as allowing series’ fans to enjoy their favorites from past games.”

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