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Pokemon Shuffle

The recent update for Pokemon Shuffle has quite a few new event stages to check out.

Special stages for Rowlet and Mudsdale are currently available, as well as new daily Pokemon: Tuesday is Pyukumuku, Wednesday is Oricorio Sensu Style, Thursday is Mudbray, Friday is Dartrix and Monday is Oricorio Baile Style.

A new Pokemon Safari is now live with the Pokemon being Grubbin, Charjabug, Vikavolt, Crabrawler and Crabominable.

Finally a new competitive stage is available with Incineroar. These events will run until June 5th.


Pokemon Shuffle has been updated today with some new special stages to try out. All of the following special stages will be available until May 30th.

Special stages for Araquanid, Lycanroc Midday form, and Primarina Escalation Battle have been added.

If you were ranked in the Decidueye competition then you can no receive your rewards: the Skill Swapper, Attack Power, Mega Speedup and Raise Max Level. If you did not get a rank you can still receive Attack Power. Just check in between now and May 23rd to obtain your prize.


Pokemon Shuffle has been updated today with some new content. All of the following special stages will be available until May 23rd.

Special stages for Lunala, Alolan Sandslash and Popplio have been added.

A new special stage for Cosmoes has been added – however, you can only challenge that one once per day.

A new rotation of daily Pokemon has been added. You can challenge Oricorio Pa’u Style on Monday, Alolan Grimer on Tuesday, Dewpider on Wednesday, Alolan Sandshrew on Thursday and Brionne on Friday.

A new Pokemon Safari featuring Alolan Rattata, Alolan Raticate, Alolan Diglett, Alolan Dugtrio and Rockruff has been added.

Finally, a new competition featuring Decidueye has begun. As always, you can get better prizes the higher you rank in that competition.


It’s Tuesday, so it’s time for another Pokemon Shuffle update! Continuing on from last week, more Pokemon from Alola have been added to the game.

Three new special stages have been added: an Incineroar Escalation Battle stage, a Salazzle high-speed battle stage and a stage for Alolan Ninetales. All of those stages will be available until May 16th.

The Passimian Try ’em Items stage has been added to the rotation. It will be available every other week.

Finally, all players can get Alolan Vulpix as a gift.


Pokemon Shuffle and Pokemon Shuffle Mobile were updated today with new stages featuring Alolan Pokemon. A trailer promoting the content can be found below.

Pokemon Duel is being updated once again tomorrow. A balance patch is on the way, affecting several Pokemon in the game.

Serebii brings us the following information about the update:

It’s Tuesday, which means it’s Pokemon Shuffle update time, and it’s a fairly significant one this time as several Pokemon from Sun & Moon have been added to the game. First of all, new main stages are now available, starting with stage 551, Gastly.

Several new event stages have also been added. All of those will be available until May 9th:

  • a new Pokemon Safari featuring Salandit, Togedemaru, Alolan Geodude, Alolan Graveler and Alolan Golem
  • a Cosmog stage that can only be attempted once per day that can drop Skill Boosters and Exp. Boosters L
  • a Mimikyu stage that can drop Mimikyu Skill Boosters and Raise Max Level
  • a Litten stage

Only available until May 2nd is a “Try ’em Items” Oranguru stage. Finally, a new set of daily stages is now available:

  • Monday: Oricorio Pom-Pom Style
  • Tuesday: Wishiwashi
  • Wednesday: Komala
  • Thursday: Fomantis
  • Friday: Torracat


This week’s Pokemon Shuffle update has gone live. First up, a Pokemon Safari repeat run has begun, featuring Cleffa, Clefairy, Clefable, Deerling Sawsbuck and Angry Pikachu. However, this time, this Safari run also includes Pokeball Pattern Vivillon.

Three stages have begun their repeat runs – Talonflame and Zygarde Complete Forme will be available until May 2nd while Xerneas will be available until April 25th. All of them give you Personal Skill Boosters if you’ve previously caught the Pokemon.

Finally, the rewards for the Mega Houndoom competition can now be claimed.


Pokémon Shuffle’s weekly update has arrived, bringing a Mega Competition against Mega Houndoom, as well as a few repeat runs of battles against more rare Pokémon. The Mega Houndoom stage will run until April 18, and, other Mega Stone stages, will require players to compete against other players to acquire the Mega Stone. The prizes are as follows:

  • Houndoominite, 5 Raise Max Level, 5 Mega Speedup: Top 200 EU/300 NA
  • Houndoominite, 4 Raise Max Level, 4 Mega Speedup: Top 500 EU/700 NA
  • Houndoominite, 3 Raise Max Level, 3 Mega Speedup: Top 1,000 EU/1,500 NA
  • Houndoominite, 2 Raise Max Level, 2 Mega Speedup: Top 2,000 EU/3,000 NA
  • Houndoominite, 1 Raise Max Level, 1 Mega Speedup: Top 4,000 EU/6,000 NA
  • Houndoominite, 1 Mega Speedup, 1 Skill Booster M: Top 6,000 EU/9,000 NA
  • Houndoominite, 1 Disruption Delay, 1 Exp. Booster L: Top 9,000 EU/13,000 NA
  • Houndoominite, 1 Disruption Delay: Top 12,000 EU/18,000 NA
  • 1 Attack Power, 1 Disruption Delay: Top 16,000 EU/24,000 NA
  • 1 Attack Power: All other players
  • There are also stages against Landorus (Incarnate Form), Ash-Greninja, and Diancie. The Landorus stage can only be played once a day, and the Diancie stage will drop items, including the Diancite Mega Stone. Landorus will run until April 18, while the other two will run until April 25.


    Update: These changes are also live now in Pokemon Shuffle on 3DS.

    Original: Pokemon Shuffle Mobile has upgraded to version 1.10. The new version includes changes that have already hit the 3DS version, such as Alola Pokemon being added. The game will also remember the last Pokemon you used for a stage and let you re-attempt the stage with that lineup.
    It also includes some balance changes that are currently Mobile exclusive. Head past the break for these changes, via Serebii:

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