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ZombiU 2 listed on Amazon France

Posted on November 25, 2014 by (@NE_Brian) in Rumors, Wii U

Amazon France recently put up an entry on its website for ZombiU 2. Shortly after Jeuxvideo forum members spotted the listing, it was removed.

ZombiU 2 is rumored to be set in New York. Strangely enough, Bandai Namco is listed as publisher – not Ubisoft. Amazon also includes an October 17, 2015 release date, though that’s likely not final.

Of course, there is most certainly a possibility that Amazon France’s overall listing is inaccurate. The fact that Bandai Namco is listed as publisher raises a red flag. I suppose only time will tell!


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  • Roto

    Lol what is this B’S ?!

  • Leonel

    My best guest would be that it will be multiplatform for everything except wii u. But only thing that makes me thing this is false is that it says namco bandai games .

    • ronin4life

      If this is factual in any way, it will be a WiiU game: not only is it called ZombiU, but this listing is for a WiiU title.

      The whole thing sounds ridiculous however. Ubi said no more ZombiU and have mostly written of WiiU, so it being made by another group wouldn’t necassarily be strange, but two major pubs teaming up for something like this makes no sense. And BN buying ZombiU’s rights doesn’t sound plausible.

      • Leonel

        Anything is possible maybe the name can get change in the future. But i stay positive that nintendo might have a surprise for us in the future regarding mature games. If anything i wish nintendo would pay for ports to get some games because ubisoft once said wii u ports usually cost around $1.3 million so that shouldn’t be much. I would of love some third party games to fill the gap when nintendo first party games have a gap between them.

    • TheChosen

      Game couldn`t even work on ANY other platform, because you NEED another Screen for the game to work. Thats how the game works.

      Edit: So no- game is not possible on PS4 and/or Xbox One.

      • jimmy

        Yeah, then Resident Evil Revolations 2 happened

      • Leonel

        Well if a sequel happen its simple take all the gimmicks away and done. For inventory just press start and look through items. For shake zombies off just move the analog stick fast. When using the crossbow to aim just put it on one screen. It’s very possible to switch the game to a whole new thing.

        • Nate Davies

          ZombiU isn’t a good enough game to survive without the ‘gimmicks’. The only interesting part of the game, removing the second screen interaction turns it into just another shooter and a terrible looking, slow plodding, frustratingly imprecise one at that. Might as well turn it into Left 4 Dead lite if that’s the path they’d be taking.
          The fact that we’re discussing a sequel to one of the worst first person retail games ever made is relatively hilarious, in my opinion.

  • TheMagicMax

    Well.. if Bandai Namco bought the IP (who knows.. could be possible), then a Wii U-release would make sense. But why should they release a game named ZombiU (notice the ‘U’) if they wouldn’t put it on the Wii U. I mean, ZombiU really isn’t that big of a name to use it on other platforms.
    According to VGChartz, ZombiU sold 0,74 million units which really isn’t bad, considering it was a launch title for the struggling Wii U, so a sequel wouldn’t surprise me.

    • they invested way more than they got out profit, and they said they quit supporting Wii U with ‘hardcore” games, so a sequel would actually be quite surprising to me

  • Gabriel J Hamsacker

    Or perhaps Nintendo themselves bought the IP and gave it to NB to develop. Whatever is happening, I hope It’s true. I’d love to see the franchise expanded and see what they do with a sequel.

  • Nick

    They did have that wii u game they were holding for more console sales/

    • D2K

      That’s a good point. I forgot about that.

  • Guest

    Maybe it’ll be cancelled because of watch dogs sales on Wii U, but Smash sales are great and with Nintendo’s really strong 2015 (splatoon, devil’s third, yoshi, kirby, xenoblade chronicles X, Zelda, mario maker and party 10, etc) and the very nice Wii U bundles, well who knows ? maybe it’ll happen, I’d like a ZombiU 2 because the original one left a lot to be improved upon, they really should make a sequel that fixes everything wrong with the first one.

  • Guest

    ”Namco-bandai games” wut ? .__. this is weird, but if it’s true then that’s great news, namco would really make a much better work than ubisoft, ubi sucks at developing games, they really need the help, just look at the broken piece of sh*t that Assassin’s creed: Unity is, and the shameless idiots at ubi still add their usual overpriced DLC and microtransactions, despite people already have to pay full retail price for a broken unplayable game they still have the guts to offer you microtransactions and dlc…. f*ck them !

    • Craig

      Are you serious right now? Namco Bandai are only good as supporting developers, not when they make a game by themselves. Look at the Power Rangers games, look at the new Digimon game and look at the new Pac-Man games – they’re lazy and lack content and don’t look great either.

  • Melatelo

    I loved the first, so a sequel would be great..but I feel like this is just an error.

    • Guest

      It most probably is an error, but a sequel that fixed everything wrong with the first one and improved upon it would be amazing, the first one is actually fun.

  • Tiberian_Fiend

    Another mature game for Wii U owners to brag about but not buy.

    • D2K

      Heh, true though….

    • Afragkos

      Do you enjoy trolling around the internet? It must be so much fun. I used to do this back in 2002 on GameFAQs.

  • Craig

    I guess it makes sense to be honest. I actually thought that if they made a sequel, the next would be in Paris or something but New York sounds cool. It’s just the developers I’m really unhappy about, if true.

    • D2K

      To be fair, Bandai Namco is listed as the ‘publisher’ not the developer. So it still can be developed by someone else.