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Additional Bravely Second details about the Fencer/Bishop jobs and more

Posted on April 17, 2015 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, News

Siliconera has translated a few more details about Bravely Second, which particularly cover the Fencer and Bishop jobs. Read up on the latest information below.


– Damage dealers that use “Stances” to perform various abilities with their swords
– “Bison Horn”: Stance that increases defense
– “Falcon Claw”: stance that increases speed and allows them to do four consecutive attacks


– Use “Holy Magic” as part of their role as a healer
– “Heal”: Bishop’s standard Cure-like ability
– Bishop’s have new magic with different effects like the “Divine Night” which turns damage into HP recovery during Defaults
– Have the job trait called “Reiteration” that increases the spells potency whenever you use it twice


– New boat will allow you to travel on shallow waters of the sea
– Other useful vehicles in the game as well
– Hot-Spring Village Yunohana is a new town located in the northeast of the Eisen Region
– They say that it inherits the culture style of an “Eastern Country” that abruptly vanished several hundred years ago


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