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Attack on Titan 2 details and screenshots – bases, policies, equipment, Affinity, side elements

Posted on February 9, 2018 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Screenshots, Switch

The Japanese website for Attack on Titan 2 updated today with a fresh batch of content. New information and screenshots published cover bases, policies, equipment, Affinity, and side elements. You can find everything below, courtesy of Gematsu


– By constructing a base on the battlefield, you can proceed the war effort with an advantage
– There are various types of bases, and you can launch smoke bombs and construction points to establish one
– As you proceed through the story and raise your Affinity with other characters, the types of bases you can construct will increase
– Launch a smoke bomb to build a base
– The “Automatic Battery” attacks Titans with cannonfire
– Automatic Battery – Targets nearby Titans and attacks with automatic cannonfire
– Manual Battery – A player-manned battery that can attack with cannonfire.
– Front Line Base – Increases the abilities of nearby allies
– Stationing Base – “Construction Smoke Bombs” can be obtained for every certain amount of time that passes
– Advance Base – Increases the damage dealt to Titans depending on the amount constructed
– Bombing Base – This base explodes when attacked, dealing damage to nearby Titans
– Supply Base – Can supply all items
– Mining Base – Increases the materials acquired at the end of battle
– Production Base – Items can be obtained for every certain amount of time that passes


– You can receive various benefits in battle and town life through policies
– By raising your Affinity with certain characters, new possibles can also be put into place
– “Garrison Store Sale” lowers the prices of products at the Garrison Store
– “Weekly Animal Care” increases the abilities of your warhorse


– 16 series of equipment in the game from bulky sword blades to sickle-like sword blades and crystal sword blades
– Equipment changes your appearance
– Also provides effects in destroying the Titans
– Three types of each equipment: “Blades / Swords,” “Scabbards / Canisters,” and “Omni-Directional Gear”
– When all in the same series, their ability will rise via the set effect
– Some equipment has special effects, such as the ability to paralyze Titans
– With the Blazing equipment, Titans will blaze up from your attack

Portable Items

– Outside of weapons, there are other portable items useful on the battlefield in addition to smokescreens, including Molotov cocktails and flash bombs
– Develop portable items in the Titan Research Room
– Use the smokescreen portable item to hide from Titans


– Go on missions with other characters and give them gifts to deeper your interactions with them
– Doing so increases your Affinity with that character and triggers various events
– As you raise a character’s Affinity rank, conversation events, skills, and the types of bases and policies will increase
– You can check the skills you learned in the Investigation Journal

Conversation Events

– By increasing your Affinity with other characters, conversation events will occur for each

Side Elements

– Beat Story Mode to unlock the “Emergency Subjugation Target” that is a super powerful Titan
– By clearing the special missions that occur during battle, characters that died in the original story of Attack on Titan can be evade death and appear in town life parts

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