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Had enough of Miyamoto yet? I hope not! IGN has conducted a massive interview with him, which you can check out below.

Miyamoto on the Vitality Sensor’s absence…

“It’s actually progressing quite well. We could have shown it here at E3 if we wanted to, but the environment here isn’t really suited to that game. E3 is pretty exciting, and that’s a device that’s all about relaxation. So it’s just wasn’t the best time or place to show that game. But it is ready, so we’ll probably find another place that’s more suitable to announce it. But I’m not directly involved in that project.”

We posted a snippet of this interview in a previous post, but you can watch the complete video below!



LOS ANGELES (June 15, 2010) – Square Enix, Co., Ltd., (Square Enix) announced today CHOCOBO RACING® 3D (tentative title) for the new Nintendo 3DSTM.

CHOCOBO RACING® 3D (tentative title) will feature familiar characters from the acclaimed FINAL FANTASY® and CHOCOBO® franchises in 3D. The game will feature exhilarating, speedy racing that can only be experienced through 3D.

Additional details will be announced at a later date.

The 3DS E3 stampede

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Nintendo revealed earlier this week that a ton of games based on classic franchises are in the works for the 3DS. One title that was conspicuously missing, however, was the announcement of an original Mario platforming adventure. Fortunately, Shigeru Miyamoto assured fans in a recent interview that there are plans to bring a main Mario title to the 3DS other than Paper Mario.

“We could’ve very easily done just a quick Mario-based tech demo that would show something like that, but one of the things that I’m always concerned about is showing a Mario gameto people before it’s ready to be shown. So that’s why we held back this time. But now that Super Mario Galaxy 2 is done, we’ll be able to go hard at work on a new Mario game for Nintendo 3DS. So you can expect to see a Mario game at some point, but you’ll just have to wait a little bit longer.”

The only question is, what type of game will it be? Another New Super Mario Bros.? Or something similar to Super Mario 64 DS?

Alright, Mr. Spielberg…Time to get to work on Boom Blox 3DS!


Retro on how they moved from Metroid Prime to Donkey Kong…

“We’ve been working on this project since April 2008. Prior to that, we were working on experiments for our next project. And as I’m sure you’re aware, we had some staff leave, which made us question whether or not the projects we were working on — these experiments — were in our best interest at the time. So Mr. Tanabe and Mr. Miyamoto were discussing Donkey Kong Country, and asking “is there a developer around that can do it justice?” And we had just had this issue with the shift in personnel and we were open, so they approached us and asked us if we’d be interested. We couldn’t say yes fast enough. That’s kind of how it fell into our laps. Actually, it was Fate” which was the code word for this game since then.”

Tanabe on whether it was always planned to return to Donkey Kong Country in a 2D side-scrolling environment…

Tanabe: “From the very beginning, the whole idea was to make a brand-new Donkey Kong Country game — maintaining that, and fitting into the core of what makes the series great. And one of the things we wanted to do was to make sure the game stayed as a 2D adventure. But, of course, we did decide to take all of the backgrounds and the characters and fully render them in polygons.

Retro: “Yeah, it wasn’t really an issue of first-person or 3D. It was really finding the right developer, I think. And our approach was that this has to pay homage to the original franchise. When you grab the controller, you have to know that you’re playing DKC. But what can be bring to it, creatively, to make it new and fresh? That was more the perspective. It was always going to be a 2.5D, side-scroller homage to DKC, to stay true to that feeling. Our mission was, what do we do to incorporate a new approach? New features and what have you, to really be true to the fanbase.”

– One course time session
– Made of city/mountain/ocean
– One car available
– Can drift
– No turbo or points
– IGN unimpressed with the game’s 3D and graphics, but it may be an extremely early build/demo and they were also underwhelmed with the PSP game when it was first showed


This is a rough translation from Sony’s Mick Hocking…

“We are very pleased that Nintendo is launching in the field of 3D with its Nintendo 3DS, as this will give the general public a better understanding of 3D and thus democratizing this technology in some way. It’s certainly a good thing for our products, screens, and PlayStation 3 compatible 3D.”

The funny thing about the situation is that Nintendo and Sony’s efforts are essentially the opposite of each other. Nintendo is going with 3D on a handheld without glasses while Sony is pushing 3D on a console with glasses.


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