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Wii U eShop

Each one of Ubisoft’s Wii U games will support the company’s Uplay service. This provides access to exclusive rewards and advice.

Ubisoft’s launch games offer the following items:

• Just Dance 4 – Call Me Maybe Alternate Version (40 Uplay units), Unlocks the Call Me Maybe Alternate version for play in Just Dance 4
• Assassin’s Creed III – 3000£ (10 units), in Single-Player
• Marvel Avengers Battle for Earth – Trials Pack (40 units), Unlocks 8 new trials
• ZombiU – The Last of Them (40 units), Unlocks new Survival Game mode in Multiplayer

You’ll be able to download a UPlay Wii U Application from the eShop. Ubisoft says users will be able to access the service “from the Home Menu, access the Uplay Wii U Application directly from the menu of the Home Menu, even if they do not own a Ubisoft game.”

By downloading the app, you’ll also be able to view Ubisoft’s latest trailers along with information and news about its games.

Source: Ubisoft PR

Rayman Legends will be missing the Wii U’s launch, but some of its gameplay will be playable on day one.

Ubisoft has announced that a demo is planned for the upcoming title. It will be up on the Wii U eShop this Sunday.

Rayman Legends – the full game – launches in early 2013.

Source: Ubisoft PR

Yes, the Wii U eShop is seriously getting a Wii U eShop game. KnapNok Games will be releasing the title in Spring 2013.

An overview of Spin the Bottle is posted below.

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