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GAME reports Switch sales, most games sold physically

Posted on November 17, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

European retailer GAME published its latest financial report this week. In the document, the retailer shares insight into Switch sales across the UK and Spain.

One big number is 469,000. That’s the amount of units that have been sold in the UK and Spain. According to GamesIndustry, this figure is roughly 49 percent of what the Wii managed to do over the same period, though one thing to note is how Switch debuted in March rather than the holiday season. It’s also 300 percent of what the Wii U sold. Sales have been steady and have only decreased during stock shortages.

GAME hammers home the point of how Switch is selling many more games physically than digitally. The retailer relayed the following information in its report:

– Nintendo is selling three physical Switch games for every console sold in the UK and Spain
– Matches the performance of Nintendo Wii, which GAME observes was a console launched when digital was still a fledgling business
– GAME doesn’t track digital sales, although Nintendo says the Switch’s global tie-ratio is 3.6
– IHS figures state that 78% of Nintendo Switch games are sold in boxes, by comparison only 47% of PS4 games are sold physically
– GAME suggests that Switch has been created with physical games in mind, pointing to the machine’s built-in memory of just 32GB

Finally, GAME CEO Martyn Gibbs believes that Switch can continue to grow if the hardware is refreshed with new iterations. Although GAME currently has enough stock to go around, the retailer could run into issues if demand ramps up around Christmas.


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