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European retailer GAME published its latest financial report this week. In the document, the retailer shares insight into Switch sales across the UK and Spain.

One big number is 469,000. That’s the amount of units that have been sold in the UK and Spain. According to GamesIndustry, this figure is roughly 49 percent of what the Wii managed to do over the same period, though one thing to note is how Switch debuted in March rather than the holiday season. It’s also 300 percent of what the Wii U sold. Sales have been steady and have only decreased during stock shortages.

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UK retailer GAME is planning a pre-order bonus for Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon. If you reserve the game, you’ll be given a free Rowlet, Litten or Popplio figurine. Note that the figurine will be randomly selected.

You can pre-order Pokemon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon on GAME here. Both launch on November 17.

Thanks to joclo for the tip.

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Update 7: Back up on Amazon Germany. You can order it here. Page says it won’t ship to the US, but it should work regardless.

Update 6: Sold out on Amazon Germany.

Update 5: Now up on Amazon Germany, but note that it won’t ship to the US.

Update 4: Sold out once again after just a few minutes.

Update 3 (6/27): Available again on Amazon UK. You can place an order from the US despite the page saying otherwise.

Update 2: Now sold out on Amazon UK.

Update: Amazon UK has opened pre-orders here. It should ship to the US despite the page saying otherwise.

Original (6/26): The first UK retailer has opened pre-orders for the Nintendo Classic Mini: Super Nintendo Entertainment System. GAME is taking reservations here. Based on what we saw with the NES Mini, pre-orders are likely to sell out quickly.

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Various retailers around the world are planning a midnight launch for Switch. Among these is GAME, a store based in the UK.

Well over 200 GAME locations will be open to sell Switch units as soon as March 3 rings in. The full listing of participating stores is located here.

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Those who stop by a GAME outlet in the UK can receive a special Kirby theme, pictured above. You can obtain it by entering the Nintendo Zone. Note that the offer expires on July 10.


In the UK, the Fire Emblem Fates Special Edition will only be available at GAME. That information comes from the retailer’s product page located here. While that may seem like a downer, you might be able to secure a copy at stores outside of the UK since there is no exclusivity in other European territories.


You may remember a Hyrule Warriors Legends pre-order bonus we posted about a few weeks back. It was revealed that those who reserved the game in Italy would receive two unique costumes for use in the My Fairy mode. We now have some news for the UK as well.

For those in the UK, if you pre-order the Hyrule Warriors Legends Limited Edition at GAME, you’ll be given the same exact bonuses (pictured above). Just keep in mind that this offer doesn’t apply to the standard version of the game.


If you’re in the UK, you can nab a new 3DS theme by visiting GAME. The retailer is offering a Happy Winter Holidays” theme until January 7. Simply connect to Nintendo Zone and it should be yours!


A number of GAME customers went through a whole bunch of issues if they pre-ordered Super Mario Maker from the retailer. Most notably, some saw charges in their bank accounts up to seven times, and it wasn’t until a few days later that these problems were ironed out.

GAME is at least attempting to provide some compensation for troubling consumers. Along with sending out a formal apology, many are also being given letters with a £10 gift card.

Here’s a look at the letter:

“As you have been affected by some billing issues on Mario, we wanted to get in tough to say sorry and that we made a mistake. We know this was wrong and have been working to ensure things go smoothly in future.

We wanted to send you this goodwill voucher of £10 which you can redeem either in store or online. We know you love gaming or were buying Mario as a gift. We’re sorry if we caused you any inconvenience and please accept our sincere apologies.”



Update (9/9): Bumped to the top. A GAME customer service representative has apologized for the issue, and promises a refund soon.

On Monday we became aware of an issue with some isolated orders. This has impacted a number of customers who pre-ordered the Wii U exclusive, Super Mario Maker. We have been working through crediting any pending transactions with our banking partners as a top priority. You should see these appear on your account over the next couple of days as we resolve everything ready for the product release on Friday.

Our warehouse are working hard and are packing everyone’s order ready for Friday. Please keep an eye out for your shipment confirmation email.

If you have any questions please contact our customer service team on this dedicated hotline number 01256 784400 or email us at [email protected]. We will also be posting updates on our @GAMEHelps twitter page.

Thank you for your patience and we apologise for any inconvenience caused.
Catherine Wilson

Head of Customer Services

Original (9/8): Several people who have pre-ordered Super Mario Maker from UK store GAME have apparently had their bank accounts / credit cards charged multiple times. There are multiple reports on Twitter about people being charged around £235 yesterday (five times the game’s price) despite ordering only one copy. GAME responded quickly on Twitter and said that customers affected by this would get  a refund within 24 hours.

However, it seems like the issue was not fully resolved as this morning, at least one person claims to have been charged an additional two times, for a total of seven times the game’s original price.


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