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[Interview] Tomorrow Corporation on initial Switch games, future projects

Posted on February 19, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in Interviews, Switch eShop

We recently fired off some questions to Tomorrow Corporation’s Kyle Gabler in hopes of learning a bit more about World of Goo, Little Inferno, and Human Resource Machine on Switch. What we didn’t expect were incredibly entertaining replies, making for one of our zaniest interviews yet.

We did ask Tomorrow Corporation about its initial slate of Switch titles. Additionally, Gabler teased future projects. Two are on the way, one of which is the biggest game yet from Tomorrow Corporation.

You can read our full interview with Tomorrow Corporation below.

To start off, can you introduce yourself and tell us a bit about the three games Tomorrow Corporation is initially bringing to Switch?

Kyle: We’re Kyle, Kyle, and Allan. Three friends from grad school.

Other Kyle: We’re also big Nintendo nerds, so we decided to bring all of the games we’ve ever made to the Switch.

World of Goo: The most unlikely game ever created about building towers, bridges, and industrial progress on the backs of vaguely sentient balls of goo.

Little Inferno: The world’s most uplifting fire and existential crisis simulator.

Human Resource Machine: A hilarious romp up the corporate ladder to prepare young minds for a future in which human labor is no longer required.

Allan, Kyle, and Kyle when they were young and full of dreams.

What was behind the decision to re-release these titles on the upcoming console? Is Tomorrow Corporation hoping to reach a new audience?

Dandy Wheeler: I’ll take it from here, boys. After literally decades since these award winning games were last released, we decided to crack open the Tomorrow Corporation vault and bring these classic games to a new generation, re-united on a fantastic new console from Nintendo.

Literally millions of fans have demanded their release on such a stunning new console, and there are no facts to indicate otherwise.

Tomorrow Corporation capitulates to demands of the fans.

World of Goo, Little Inferno, and Human Resource Machine will feature a new Soundtrack Mode. Are there any other additions or changes compared to the original releases?

Other Kyle: Yep, each game comes bundled with its Original Soundtrack, written by the Kyle with the beard. And otherwise we’ve been having a lot of fun getting all three games working with the Switch’s various different control modes –

  • In Handheld Mode, you can use your fingers to control all three games.
  • In TV Mode, you can use either Joy-Con (or in some cases both Joy-Cons) to poke and grab at the games. They’re really great controllers, and feel milky smooth, we assume because Nintendo filled them with all the magic in Hyrule. The pointing we’ve achieved with them feels even more precise than the original WiiMotes.
  • In Tabletop Mode, you can use any of the above.

Kyle: And this means we’re able to provide local multiplayer in World of Goo. And working on getting that same co-op feature in the other games if we can.

How has it been porting the different games to Switch? Were you able to do so quickly, and without any major issues?

Kyle: We’re a sweaty, nervous wreck, but that’s the case with every game we make.

Other Kyle: I’m a nervous wreck all the time anyway.

What can we expect from World of Goo, Little Inferno, and Human Resource Machine in terms of pricing?

Dandy Wheeler: Each game will cost less than a burrito and a hot coffee. But the experience will last a lifetime.

Did Nintendo reach out to you about developing for Switch? Or was it the other way around?

Tomorrow Corporation: Hey sup!

Nintendo Switch: Umm who’s this? LOL

Tomorrow Corporation: We’re friends with your friends Wii and Wii U!

Nintendo Switch: OMG. OK u coming to my party?

Tomrrow Corporation: Sure! What’s the party for?

Nintendo Switch: My birthday obv

Tomorrow Corporation: Happy bday! How old?

Nintendo Switch: ZERO. I don’t even exist yet.

Tomorrow Corporation: I can bring a cake I guess?

Nintendo Switch: Zelda’s bringing the cake. Link actually baked it, but Zelda gets all the credit haha LOL.

Tomorrow Corporation: what

Nintendo Switch: Bring games. Bring games to play handheld. Bring games to play on a tabletop. Bring games to play on a TV. Bring ALL THE GAMES.

Tomorrow Corporation: That’s so many things and I’m just 3 people but we’ll stay awake all night every night for the next 4 months, and it will be painful, and a long dangerous road, but we’ll try!

Nintendo Switch: k

How do you feel about Switch’s various features, such as HD Rumble? As a developer, are you excited by the possibilities the system offers?

Kyle: Nintendo basically handed us a magic box that buzzes and whistles and thinks and displays images and listens and looks and feels stuff and said “Go make cool things!”. It might be a while before developers figure out how to use everything all together, but it’s been fun tinkering with it all.

On Wii U, were you pleased with the sales of Little Inferno and Human Resource Machine? Did they meet your expectations?

Kyle: Dandy won’t let me look at sales. But I think they must have done ok since we can still occasionally afford coffee and buttered noodles.

Is there anything in particular you’re hoping Nintendo will improve or do differently with the eShop on Switch?

Kyle: Every iteration of the eShop seems to become nicer and easier to use. We haven’t seen the eShop on Switch yet, so we’re just as curious as everyone else.

We’re dying to hear about what Tomorrow Corporation has in store for its next project. Is there any sort of tease you can share with us?

Kyle: We’re currently working on 2 new games! One of them is the biggest game we’ve ever made.

Other Kyle: And we’re horrible at multitasking, so nothing to report just yet.

Dandy Wheeler: That’s enough self congratulating, boys, BACK TO WORK!

Before you float way, can we take a photo of the famous Tomorrow Coporation Public Relations World Tour Blimp?

Dandy Wheeler, Hydrogen Enthusiast: Remember everyone, the future is… Tomorrow!

Big thanks to Kyle for taking the time to answer our questions.

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