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Rare’s newest Scribes page – a feature in which fans’ questions are answered – discusses the possibility of Diddy Kong Racing on the Virtual Console and how far along Viva Pinata’s development cycle is on the DS. On the issue of Diddy Kong Racing, the writer(s) for Scribes explains that in general, Nintendo does not want to change the appearance of VC games. Thus, that would probably mean Banjo and Conker would return (unlike the DS remake) if the game was released. However, Nintendo currently has no apparent interest to put the game on the Wii Shop Channel anytime soon and Rare believes the chances of the Diddy Kong Racing releasing in the future is “highly unlikely.”

Also, although Rare didn’t elaborate on the topic of Viva Pinata’s completion, it was noted that the game is finished with development. Rare did not say when the game would be ready for launch, but because the game is no longer in development, one would expect an announcement of some sort very soon.



“I think America has always been better at creating unique products. In Japan, the technology required to create videogames tends to be concentrated in the bigger corporations. Here in the United States, you have these independent developers who have managed to get the skills and the training and the development, and also have managed to get access to the technology and the hardware needed to develop it. They’re able to let their own personality and their own kind of unique interests really flourish in the games that they’re creating.” – Shigeru Miyamoto

Wow, those are quite powerful words from Mr. Miyamoto. However, while I do believe American developers have indeed created some excellent titles, the gaming industry would be lackluster without input from the Japanese creators.


During the latest podcast – 1UP Yours – Shane Bettenhausen claimed that Nintendo will have no guns in store for Q4 of 2008. There may be a title here or there, but nothing major. I am sure that much will be announced at E3 (perhaps even Nintendo’s full 2008 schedule), although this notion contradicts Reggie Fils-Aime. It was only two months ago that Reggie promised a huge “gamers game” for the holiday season.

Animal Crossing, Kid Icarus, or even Pikmin are possible games that could release later this year. Will Nintendo really let three or so months pass without a big release?



This guitar hero stylus pick can be yours by pre-ordering Guitar Hero on Tour at Circuit City.


WiiWare launch titles:

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King – 1500 Wii points
Lost Winds – 1000 Wii points
Defend Your Castle – 500 Wii points
Pop – 700 Wii points
V.I.P. Casino: Blackjack – 700 Wii points
TV Show King – 1000 Wii points

Oddly enough, Dr. Mario doesn’t seem like it will be making its debut on Monday.

REDMOND, Wash., May 12, 2008 – Nintendo’s Wii™ console has already changed the way people play games. Now its new WiiWare™ service decisively tears down limitations for how developers create games – and the way people receive them.

Starting today, Wii owners with an Internet connection can download new, creative games from a wide range of developers, from large publishers to indie shops. By reducing the barriers that make console game development prohibitively expensive, WiiWare showcases original ideas in the most democratic environment in industry history, connecting the people who make games more directly with the people who play them.

WiiWare frees developers from the traditional constraints of video game development. WiiWare lets developers experiment with big ideas and small budgets to the benefit of players everywhere. Newer, smaller teams now have an outlet for their creative ideas. The constantly growing WiiWare library will have a regular flow of unique video gaming experiences consumers might not otherwise have access to.

The World Ends With You: 9
Mario Kart: Wii: 8
Wii Fit: 5
Mystery Dungeon: Shiren the Wanderer: 8
Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker: 7

Wii Fit may not be perfect, though I do not believe the game should be given that score. By no means does the game appear to be perfect, but it’s worthy of a better score.



– Spin off of “Skate”
– Wii version will utilize balance board, touch controls for DS
– Wii will have 480p, widescreen
– Instant reply feature will return
– Can play the game without balance board (Wii)
– Local multiplayer with friends on Wii
– DS: Single-cart, multi-cart, Wi-Fi games
– There will be some sharing component on Wi-Fi for the DS version
– Games will be officially announced next week
– Games releasing in 2008

Teaser video….



“Concerning the new James Bond game, we are actually developing the Wii & PC versions of the game. But, it is clearly too early to give more information about the content of this product.” – Beenox PR rep

James Bond: Quantum of Solace might not end up to be as good as GoldenEye was on the Nintendo 64, but the game is worth a look. Of course though, it’s much too early to decide how well this game will turn out.


Who & What: MLE Professionals Tim “Eater X” Janus and Crazy Legs Conti say goodbye to spring and hello to summer as they face-off in the first-ever Major League Eating: The Game WiiWare Watermelon Showdown*. These two gurgitory gladiators will vie for a new Watermelon eating world record in celebration of the launch of Major League Eating: The Game for WiiWare™.

Tim “Eater X” Janus, the newly crowned Sushi eating champion of the world, a man who hides his inner torment behind a mask, will compete against Crazy Legs Conti. Conti, often described as the “Evil Knievel of the Alimentary Canal,” is known for eating his way out of a 96-cubic foot sarcophagus of popcorn at the debut of his own movie, Zen and The Art of Competitive Eating.

This bare knuckled, drag out, in-your-face (literally) six minute exercise in extreme watermelon consumption is near certain to yield a new world record. It will also be the first watermelon eating contest to feature both real and virtual watermelons.

Come join us, get some hands-on time with one of the first games coming to Nintendo’s exciting new WiiWare channel – Major League Eating: The Game – and watch firsthand as Major League Eating history is made.

When: Tuesday, May 20

From 12-3 PM

Where: Nintendo World Store

10 Rockefeller Center

New York, NY 10020

*This is a B.Y.O.T event (Bring your own towelette event).

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