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The Jackbox Pack Pack 5 has received three more trailers. View videos focusing on Mad Verse, Zeeple Dome, and Patently Stupid below.

During a recent broadcast, Spike Chunsoft debuted the first English gameplay from 8-bit ADV Steins;Gate – an exclusive on Switch. Check out the recording below.

Anima: Gate of Memories and Anima: The Nameless Chronicles made it to Switch as digital downloads earlier this year. They’re now being bundled together for a physical release.

Amazon UK is listing Anima: Gate of Memories Arcane Edition. It goes without saying, but the package will include both games.

Anima: Gate of Memories Arcane Edition is listed for launch on November 2. Pre-orders are open on Amazon UK here.

Luigi has a fairly significant role in Mario Tennis Aces’ story mode. Its his actions early on that lead to things spiraling out of control, and he appears later on as well.

Camelot president Hiroyuki Takahashi and vice president Shugo Takahashi along with Nintendo producer Toshiharu Izuno spoke about Mario Tennis Aces’ story mode in-depth in a recent issue of Japanese magazine Nintendo Dream. Hiroyuki mentioned that giving Luigi a larger focus would help accomplish the goal of surprising players and that “Mario would be burdened with a sense of sadness for his brother that’d come from a pretty deep place.” He also mentioned that there was difficulty in balancing the story with gameplay.

One of the bigger news topics in the Switch scene recently stemmed from a Wall Street Journal report. The publication reported that Nintendo is planning some sort of revision, which would arrive in the second half of 2019.

What exactly Nintendo is planning remains unclear. The Wall Street Journal said “Nintendo is still debating what new hardware and software features to include in the upgrade and weighing the cost of the features”. The company could choose to improve the display, but that probably wouldn’t be all.

Assuming this Switch revision exists, what would you like out of it? Would you want the design to change in any way? How about slightly beefier specs? Let us know in the comments below.

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Car Quest

Car Quest is coming to Switch this month, the North American eShop confirms. A listing on the store shows a release date of October 25.

Compared to normal games with vehicles, Car Quest is quite different. Ezone’s game is more about exploring, solving puzzles, and using driving skills. Continue on below for some additional information and a trailer.

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Project Highrise: Architect’s Edition is set to arrive on Switch soon. Have a look at some footage in the video below.

At the Tokyo Game Show last month, Japanese website 4Gamer was able to interview Level-5 CEO. Hino spoke about the company’s upcoming Switch games, Yo-kai Watch 4 and Inazuma Eleven Ares. Given what was said, it makes sense that both were delayed this past week – Yo-kai Watch 4 to Spring 2019 and Inazuma Eleven Ares to this winter.

Aside from those two titles, Hino weighed in on a couple of other topics as well. These include finally returning to TGS and brief talk about the company’s 20th anniversary title.

Momonga Pinball Adventures

Momonga Pinball Adventures is the latest instance of a Wii U game moving over to Switch. According to the North American eShop, it’s slated for October 18.

Here’s an overview and trailer for the pinball game:

Pizza Titan Ultra

Pizza Titan Ultra will soon be appearing on Switch. For a look at some early footage, check out the gameplay video below.

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