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Kemco and City Connection today announced Revenge of Justice. The upcoming title, which is a strategy RPG, is due out next year in Japan.

Here are the first screenshots:

No further information about Revenge of Justice has been shared. However, it will be playable at the Tokyo Game Show between September 12 and September 15.


Kemco today announced Senri no Kifu: Gendai Shougi Mystery, a new mystery adventure game for Switch. A release is planned for early 2020 in Japan.

Here’s what we know thus far:

Konami is giving Switch owners a taste of what Contra: Rogue Corps has to offer with a brand new demo. The trial is currently live in Australia, with other regions to follow soon.

All Switch owners can access the demo regardless of their region. If you’d like to download it immediately, simply create an Australian Nintendo Account and visit the designated eShop page.

We’ll update this post when the demo goes live in other regions.

Source: Switch eShop

BurgerTime Party! will launch for Switch in Japan on October 8, a Japanese eShop listing reveals. This may end up being the same overseas, but XSEED and Marvelous haven’t confirmed the western release date just yet.

We have the following overview and trailer for BurgerTime Party!:

One-Way Ticket

Publisher Zodiac Interactive and developer Light & Digital Technology will be bringing One-Way Ticket to Switch next week, according to a Japanese eShop listing. The visual novel, which is loosely based on actual events tied to the Chinese fishing boat Lurongyu 2682, was previously planned for June, but now has a final release date of September 19.

Here’s an overview of One-Way Ticket, along with a trailer:

Paladins already supported cross-play on Switch previously, but now the feature has been further enhanced. Starting today, Switch and PlayStation 4 users can finally play together with the Pirate’s Treasure Update. It is expected to roll out to Hi-Rez Studios’ other titles in the future.

Below are the full details:

Bandai Namco has issued an English trailer for the third free Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission update. Watch it below.

Nintendo has announced the latest Smash Bros. Ultimate Spirit Board event. This week, the theme is “Comes With Age!” in which characters “a few more years under their belt” will be appearing. Take them down to earn more Snacks.

The latest Smash Bros. Ultimate Spirit Board event should kick off on September 13. Like past events, look for it to last a few days.


Publisher Digitart Interactive and developer N-Fusion Interactive have announced Aluna: Sentinel of the Shards. The upcoming action-RPG stars acclaimed comic book heroine Aluna.

We have the following overview and trailer for the game:

Square Enix today announced the release dates for two RPGs in the west. Romancing SaGa 3 will first launch on November 11, followed by SaGa Scarlet Grace Ambitions on December 3.

Both games will feature “new content, optimized graphics and updated gameplay controls.” We have some additional information below.