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Paper Mario: The Origami King’s launch sales compared to series’ other debuts in Japan

Posted on July 26, 2020 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, GameCube, General Nintendo, News, Switch, Wii

Paper Mario: The Origami King

Paper Mario: The Origami King released in Japan last week, and Famitsu reported that the game sold 109,000 copies in its first few days. We now have a chart comparing the debut for every Paper Mario game in Japan (including Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam since it features that character).

Here’s the full chart ranked by first week sales:

System Title FW LTD Publisher Release Date
WII Super Paper Mario 156.055 506.298 Nintendo 19/04/2007
NGC Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door 137.750 409.600 Nintendo 22/07/2004
3DS Paper Mario: Sticker Star 130.009 564.823 Nintendo 06/12/2012
N64 Paper Mario 118.322 425.609 Nintendo 11/08/2000
NSW Paper Mario: The Origami King 109.092 109.092 Nintendo 07/17/2020
3DS Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam 50.105 261.838 Nintendo 03/12/2015
WIU Paper Mario: Color Splash 28.436 63.056 Nintendo 13/10/2016

With Dengeki no longer covering sales data, we don’t have a clear indication regarding the first week sell-through rate for Paper Mario: The Origami King. However, Famitsu suggests that it hovered around 50 percent in Japan.

One important aspect to consider here is that Famitsu doesn’t account for digital sales. Sales from the eShop probably wouldn’t push it towards the debut of Super Paper Mario, but it would probably be on par with the original Paper Mario at the very least.


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