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Phantom Breaker: Omnia trailer introduces Rin & Gaito

Posted on February 16, 2022 by (@NE_Brian) in Switch eShop, Videos

Phantom Breaker Omnia Rin & Gaito

Another Phantom Breaker: Omnia character trailer is here focusing on Rin & Gaito. The roles are played by LilyPichu and Patrick Seitz in English with Yuka Ōtsubo and Kentarō Itō working on the Japanese voices.

Thanks to the official website, we have a bit of background information about Rin & Gaito. Their bio can be found below.

A 6-year-old girl and an anti-soul brimming with power. In battle, Rin commands the undead Gaito, and he’ll pummel anyone who gets in her way.

After being revived by the Resurrection Jewel, Gaito returned to life but in exchange became wild and destructive. Rin is the only one who can control him, and she fights in Phantom’s duels and does his bidding in order to restore her brother to his former self.

And here’s the new Phantom Breaker: Omnia video for Rin & Gaito:

As a reminder, you can check out other character trailers for Mikoto here, Itsuki here, Waka here, Yuzuha here, Ren here, Ria here, Sophia here, Shizuka here, and Ende here.

Phantom Breaker: Omnia will be out for Switch on March 15, 2022. You can access the official website here for further information.

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