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Space Crew: Legendary Edition launch trailer

Posted on October 22, 2021 by (@NE_Brian) in Switch eShop, Videos

Space Crew Legendary Edition trailer

Publisher Curve Games and developer Runner Duck Games have shared a launch trailer for Space Crew: Legendary Edition. The original title previously went live on Switch, but the Legendary Edition is a free expansion for all players.

Here’s everything you need to know about Space Crew: Legendary Edition:

Space Crew: Legendary Edition adds a wealth of new content including the epic Android Ambush campaign and, for the first time, the chance to take your crew off-ship onto stations, outposts and new vessels in Away Team missions

Featuring a new star-system to explore with new challenges and enemies to overcome as well as new legendary crew to rescue and recruit, the Legendary Edition expansion adds a galaxy’s worth of content for new and existing Space Crew players!

Key Features

  • A brand new campaign – Players will take on a droid army led by rogue androids previously allied with the United Defence Force. Battle against a whole host of new Enemy Champions and ships across new missions, with new gear, liveries and upgrades available for victorious Captains to unlock
  • Away Team missions – Leave your ship and venture on foot for the first time with three of your crew onto outposts and large vessels in the all NEW Away Team missions. Selecting the right team will be critical for survival as Away Team missions consist of exploration, puzzles, or combat… sometimes even against the clock!
  • Legendary Crew members – Build and personalise your ultimate crew by discovering and rescuing legendary crew members with amazing abilities and superior stats, to bolster your efforts against the enemy threat.

You can see the new Space Crew: Legendary Edition trailer below. 

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