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How to access Grate Guy’s Casino in Super Mario RPG

Posted on December 10, 2023 by in Guides, Switch eShop

Grate Guy's Casino Super Mario RPG

If you’ve been looking up Super Mario RPG guides here and there lately, then you’ve probably heard of Grate Guy’s Casino. It’s a secret location that includes a bunch of unique minigames, and they’re all required for full 100 percent completion of the game. Unfortunately, you can’t just walk right into the casino – it’s hidden behind a secret passage in Bean Valley. Most of the minigames offered at Grate Guy’s Casino also, quite frankly, aren’t terribly fun. Still, if you’re looking to see all of the content Super Mario RPG has to offer, we’ve got you covered. 

Grate Guy’s Casino location

Grate Guy's Casino location

The path to Grate Guy’s Casino is hidden inside a pipe in Bean Valley, one of the later areas in Super Mario RPG. In the area with the Beezo and all the Piranha Plants, take the top pipe. In this new room, you’ll find a Golden Chain Chomp. Defeat it, and then jump three times under the platform shown above to make it appear. From there, follow the path off-screen and you’ll pop back into the World Map. Once there, you can immediately enter Grate Guy’s Casino – as long as you’re cleared to, that is. Even if you find the casino, you can’t actually enter it until you earn a membership card from Knife Guy.

Knife Guy is located in Booster Tower, though he only appears there after you beat him as a boss during the main story. Climb up the tower until you reach a portion with a staircase that bends around the screen. To earn the membership card for Grate Guy’s Casino, you have to play Knife Guy’s juggling game and win at least 12 times. For this “game” (it’s a little too simple to even be called that), Knife Guy juggles two balls and you have to pick the ball he is holding. Fortunately, if you pay close attention to his juggling animation, you’ll be able to tell which ball he’s holding.

Once you have the Bright Card from Knife Guy, you can either return to Grate Guy’s Casino or find it for the first time and you’ll be admitted entry. If you somehow enjoyed playing Knife Guy’s guessing game, then you’ll really like one of the minigames Grate Guy’s Casino has to offer! By the way, you have to win 50 of these games to earn a gold medal on them.

List of minigames

Grate Guy's Casino mini-games list

The first minigame in Grate Guy’s Casino is accessible by speaking to Grate Guy himself. As we mentioned earlier, this minigame is even less engaging than Knife Guy’s juggling game. It’s “Look-the-other-way”, and for whatever reason this is also required for 100% completion. The name of the game is just about all you need to know – you pick a direction and hope it’s not the same one Grate Guy chose. There’s no special trick here, and you need to win this minigame 100 times in total to earn a gold medal in the Play Report. Why?!

The second minigame here is a simple game of matching. The dealer will lay out several playing cards, and it’s your job to remember the position of all the character cards. You can use your Switch’s screenshot function to make this easier, though it does take a little while longer to check your album every single time. You need to win this game 50 times to earn a gold medal in the Play Report. The last minigame is a game of roulette, and thankfully this one doesn’t count towards 100% completion. In this one, you just have to hit the treasure box and try and match all the symbols in a row.

That’s about all you need to know, then! Grate Guy’s Casino isn’t much of a casino, to be honest, but at least the matching game is a little bit neat. Do you plan to grind all these minigames to go for the gold medals, or are you just hopping in to try each one out once or twice? Feel free to let us know down below. In the meantime, we’ve got lots more guides available for Super Mario RPG. We have guides for the boss rematches, Frog Coin farming, earning 100 Super Jumps, and more.

Super Mario RPG is available now for Switch, and you can visit the official site via this link.

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