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Corcell intends to have the first AeternoBlade ready to go on Switch for this Thursday. Take a look at some footage in the video below.

Corcell Technology is currently working on AeternoBlade II, which is slated for Switch. While we wait for the game, Corcell is tiding fans over by offering the original title on Nintendo’s console.

This new release of AeternoBlade looks to be the same title originally launched on 3DS back in 2014. The European eShop lists it for a February 1 release.

Here’s some additional information and Switch screenshots:

Another two pieces of downloadable content are now available for AeternoBlade.

The first, a swimsuit costume, is available for 99 cents. You can also purchase the Arena Mode for $2, which allows players to take on 20 waves of monsters.

Here’s the official overview of the DLC:

Swimsuit – Super sexy bikini for Freyja! ($0.99)
“Freyja, aren’t you bored with that stuffy armor of yours? Why don’t you try this relaxing bikini?”

Arena Mode – The grand arena for gods. ($1.99)
“If you though the story mode is too easy, why don’t challenge the Arena Mode! You shall face 20 waves of undeniable fearsome monsters. Defeat them and time your best performance.”


Corcell has prepared a new update for AeternoBlade. If you’ve purchased the game, head on over to the eShop to receive the patch.

AeternoBlade’s 1.1 update fixes several bugs and issues. You can find the full patch notes above.


AeternoBlade has received its first round of downloadable content. Players can purchase two items – a swimsuit costume priced at $0.99 as well as an Arena Mode for $1.99. More DLC should be coming to AeternoBlade in the future.


Although it’s Tuesday – and not the traditional Thursday for digital downloads – one new game has hit the eShop. As of now, AeternoBlade can be downloaded on 3DS in North America. You’ll need about 2,544 blocks in order to secure the game for your SD card.


AeternoBlade will be available on the European 3DS eShop starting on February 27, the game’s official Facebook account has confirmed.

A message posted on the social media page states:

AeternoBlade will be launching in North America a bit earlier – February 18.


Corcell Technology has a bunch of DLC lined up for AeternoBlade. One of these items, as revealed on the game’s Facebook page, is “Arena Mode”.

Arena Mode provides players with the challenge of clearing all 20 waves of enemies. Corcell recommends that you complete the story mode first, as Freya will need to be equipped with a suitable relic set.

Arena Mode DLC is a mode that you have to clear all 20 waves of enemies , our staffs recommend that you should clear story mode before play it as it need to use Freya with suitable relic set.

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AeternoBlade will be available on the North America 3DS eShop on February 18, Corcell Technology has announced. Pricing is set at $14.99. A European date hasn’t been confirmed, but shouldn’t be too far behind.


AeternoBlade’s launch in the US shouldn’t be too far off. The game’s official Facebook page confirmed earlier today that Nintendo of America approved the title, and all that’s left is determining a release date.

A look at the message in full: