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The first-person cyberpunk parkour action game Ghostrunner has been updated on Switch, with players now able to access the roguelite-inspired Wave Mode, an Assist Mode to tune combat difficulty, and a paid synthwave-inspired cosmetic Neon Pack.

Wave Mode features waves of procedurally-generated enemy types in an enclosed arena-style level. Players can complete waves to earn hero upgrades that persist through each round. By surviving 20 rounds, an exclusive sword will be unlocked.

All In! Games has announced Red Wings: American Aces, a spin-off of the warplane arcade shooter Red Wings: Aces of the Sky. The project does not currently have a release window.

Red Wings: American Aces “puts you in the pilot’s seat of a nostalgic, action-packed arcade shooter illustrated in a vibrant comic-book style with a gaming mode for every occasion.” Online multiplayer is supported, allowing a team of up to five players to face off against other squads in Elimination, Time Team Battle, or Score Team Battle modes. If you prefer battling alone, you can compete with up to nine other pilots in Last Man Standing, Score Battle, or Time Battle modes. Local co-op is also supported for smaller fighter groups of one or two pilots in Score Battle, Time Battle, and Hide n’ Seek modes.

Tools Up! has gained the final portion of its Garden Party DLC series, Episode 3: Home Sweet Home. The first episode debuted in April, followed by the second one in June.

The fall-themed chapter adds 15 levels full of new mechanics to discover and another challenger to contend with, this time the Stinky Smog. Here’s some additional information:

Fantasy turn-based tactics game Fort Triumph launches on the Switch eShop today, and to mark the occasion, All In! Games has shared a new launch trailer. Check it out below.


Fort Triumph footage

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Fantasy turn-based tactics game Fort Triumph arrives on the Switch eShop today. Take a closer look at some gameplay with the video below.

Fort Triumph, All in! Games and CookieByte Entertainment’s fantasy turn-based tactics title that was announced for Switch back in May, has secured a release date. It’s been confirmed that the game is scheduled for August 13.

Here’s an overview of Fort Triumph, along with a trailer:

All in! Games and 2BIGo confirmed today that Lumberhill, a multiplayer party game, is currently in the works for Switch. It’s expected to arrive later this year on the console.

Check out the following overview and trailer for additional insight into the game:

Today, Tools Up! players can play the latest Party Garden DLC, Episode 2: Tunnel Vision. Here’s an overview of the content and a trailer below:

All in! Games and CookieByte Entertainment have announced that Fort Triumph, a fantasy turn-based tactics title, is on the way for Switch. We currently have a release window of Q3 2021.

Here’s some information about the game as well as a trailer:

Tools Up! players can now get their hands on the first episode of the game’s Garden Party DLC. It comes with 15 levels, new tools and mechanics, and the raccoon as a challenger.

Here’s an official overview of the DLC plus a trailer: