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Altari Games

Lost Ruins physical

Today, Red Art Games announced plans to produce physical versions of Lost Ruins on Switch. Fans can expect boxed copies in Q2 2024.

Red Art Games will publish two different physical versions in Europe. The standard release will be available through most major retailers, but the Lost Ruins Deluxe Edition will be exclusive to the company’s online store. Limited to 300 copies per platform, it includes a wraparound box sleeve with alternate cover art, a reversible poster and a double-sided keychain.

lost ruins review

System: Switch
Release Date: June 6, 2022
Developer: Altari Games
Publisher: Dangen Entertainment

As I navigated the dark, sprawling catacombs and trap-filled dungeons of Lost Ruins, I was always deftly aware of the stakes at play. My protagonist – a plucky, somewhat oblivious schoolgirl who had somehow gotten herself transported to this strange land – was almost always a few missteps away from a grisly demise, be that via a hidden environmental trap or by the claws of a fast-moving zombie-like beast. Inevitably, I would falter and reload at my last checkpoint, often frustrated at myself for getting cornered or something similar – but every time, I was eager to jump back into the challenging world of Lost Ruins to explore more of the map and uncover its many secrets.

Following its surprise release yesterday, some new gameplay has come in for 2D survival action game Lost Ruins. About 15 minutes of footage are available.

Learn more about Lost Ruins with the overview below:

Lost Ruins surprise release

Lost Ruins was known to be coming to Switch at some point, but we didn’t have an exact date. As it turns out, the wait is already over.

Lost Ruins is a 2D anime-inspired survival action game. It was originally planned for a Q4 2021 debut.

Lost Ruins

Dangen Entertainment and Altari Games today announced that Lost Ruins, a 2D anime-inspired survival action game, is in the works for Switch. It will launch for Nintendo’s console in Q4 2021.

Here’s an overview of Lost Ruins, along with a trailer:

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