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Band Brothers

As promised, Nintendo has aired a Nintendo Direct for Band Brothers P. Below are a collection of details shared during the presentation:

– Vocaloid Iwata is introducing us to the game. Moving over to Polygon Iwata.
– Control options include buttons and using the touchscreen as guitar or drums. Introducing us to various instruments.
– The game can be enjoyed over local and online play.
– Like previously mentioned, you can make a vocaloid singer. This will allow you to simulate singing and play another special touchscreen version.
– The SD card can save up to 3000 songs and you use tomatoes to download songs.
– Just like the previous game, there are radio studios which you can listen to with fav songs. Genres now as well.
– Up to January 31, it is possible to import songs from the Deluxe version. Does require some information though.
– Songs can be uploaded to YouTube, so that people with portable devices can look at them.
– Circling through the four featured artists. They seem excited about it.


A Nintendo Direct will air later today for Band Brothers P, Nintendo’s upcoming 3DS title currently exclusive to Japan. The video, which lasts ten minutes, is set to go live at 7 AM ET / 4 AM PT. We’ll have it here when it becomes available.


Remember, this is the eShop companion that allows users to create songs for Band Brothers P – it’s not the actual game.