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Bloober Team

Bloober Team has shared a new Switch launch trailer for Layers of Fear 2, its psychological horror game. Have a look at the video below.

Layers of Fear 2 is currently live on the Switch eShop. For additional coverage, head on over here.

After the original game made it to Switch in 2018, Layers of Fear 2 is about to appear on Switch. View some footage of the first-person psychological horror game below.

Layers of Fear 2 is scheduled to launch on May 20 as an eShop download. For more on the game, head on over here.

Layers of Fear: Legacy came to Switch a little over three years ago. Its sequel will now be launching on the platform next week, according to an eShop listing.

Here’s an overview and trailer from the store page:

After previously appearing on other platforms, Blair Witch has made its debut on Switch. See how it compares on Nintendo’s console to the Xbox One version below.

The psychological survival horror game Blair Witch joins the Switch eShop today. For a look at some footage, check out the video below.

To celebrate the new Switch launch, Bloober Team has prepared a live action trailer for Blair Witch. Get a look at the video below.

Bloober Team has officially announced a specific launch date for their story-driven psychological horror game, Blair Witch, with a new trailer outlining gameplay. Check it out below.


The story-driven psychological horror game Blair Witch is on the way to Switch, Bloober Team has announced. A release is expected this summer.

We have the following overview and trailer for Blair Witch:

Observer can be found on the Switch eShop beginning today. View the game’s official launch trailer below.

Observer launches for Switch via the eShop tomorrow. For a look at some early footage, check out the video below.

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