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Brian Provinciano

Vblank Entertainment prepared a physical version of Retro City Rampage on the PlayStation 4 a few months ago. That was followed up with another announcement today of a physical version for the PlayStation Vita release. With the news, some fans wondering about the possibility of Nintendo versions getting the same treatment.

Sadly, there won’t be physical versions Retro City Rampage of either Wii or 3DS. Vblank’s Brian Proviciano explained why:

I looked into both Wii and 3DS when determining which platform(s) to do a physical version for as well. Unfortunately, the minimum print runs, cost per unit and other factors lead to me not doing them. They would’ve been super cool, but it all comes down to projected cost and estimated risk. For example, I put in the work to get approval for releasing it unrated so it could have a lower retail price. Cartridges (whether it’s 3DS or PS Vita) also cost much more than discs to produce, so that meant PS Vita still wound up being $5 more than the PS4 blu-ray version — but I take the steps I can to keep costs low.

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Vblank Entertainment seems to be pleased with Retro City Rampage’s performance on 3DS. Creator Brian Provinciano tweeted today that the game has “done incredibly well” on Nintendo’s portable.

The comment above originated from a larger discussion about reviews:


Retro City Rampage developer Vblank Entertainment may bring its next game to 3DS. It’s all dependent on CPU/GPU requirements, founder Brian Provinciano said on Twitter.

Regarding the new game, Provinciano said the following:

And about that upcoming update for Retro City Rampage: DX:

Last but not least, Provinciano confirmed once again that Retro City Rampage is not planned for Wii U:


Retro City Rampage: DX, the recently released eShop version of the game, is “doing great”. Creator Brian Provinciano shared the news on Twitter, while also noting that he’d be interested in making another 3DS title.

He said:

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