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Calappa Games

Mastiff and Calappa Games have announced that  a new update is available for their 3D action battle game, Fight Crab. This update fixes several issues as well as adds Copper, Silver, and Gold cosmetic skins for all 23 combatants.

Source: Mastiff PR

Fight Crab is out on Switch in the west today, and Mastiff / Calappa Games have a new trailer ready to celebrate. Give it a look below.

A new launch trailer is in for the action game Fight Crab. Take a look at the video below.

Fight Crab is due out for Switch in Japan on August 20, followed by North America and Europe on September 15.

In partnership with developer Calappa Games, Mastiff has announced that it will publish the physics-based 3D action battle game Fight Crab on Switch next month. A release is scheduled for September 15 in North America, Europe, and Australia.

At least for now, Fight Crab will be digital-only in the west. However, a physical version is planned for Asia, and you can import a copy here.

Here’s some information about Fight Crab as well as a trailer:

Playism and Calappa Games have shared a new trailer for the 3D action title Fight Crab focusing on the game’s weapons. Give it a look below.

Fight Crab seems to be coming to Switch in August. A physical version is also planned.