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Faerie Afterlight

Today, publisher Mastiff and developer Clay Game Studio confirmed that they’re about to bring the Metroidvania game Faerie Afterlight to Switch. Those interested in the game can pick it up on September 14, 2023.

Faerie Afterlight is a 2D fantasy action game that has players simultaneously controlling Kimo and Wispy as they explore Lumina’s infested caverns, deep seas, and ghostly cities to reclaim the scattered, broken shards of Light. More information can be found in the following overview:

Fight Crab Switch physical Shella' Awesome Edition

Fight Crab had a physical release on Switch in Asia, but not in other regions. The good news is that this will be changing soon.

Mastiff, the publisher for Fight Crab in North America and Europe, is now planning a “Shella’ Awesome Edition” for the west. Copies include a copy of the game on the cartridge, a sticker sheet, digital download for the original soundtrack, 11×17” original Ukiyo-e style art print, and dual-sided coversheet print.

Fight Crab

Mastiff and Calappa Games have announced that  a new update is available for their 3D action battle game, Fight Crab. This update fixes several issues as well as adds Copper, Silver, and Gold cosmetic skins for all 23 combatants.

Source: Mastiff PR

Fight Crab

Fight Crab is out on Switch in the west today, and Mastiff / Calappa Games have a new trailer ready to celebrate. Give it a look below.

Fight Crab

The physics-based 3D brawler Fight Crab has received a pair of new videos. First up is a developer video from creator Masafumi Onuki showcasing the game’s Switch motion controls and breaking down the offensive and defensive combat options. The second installment in Fight Crab’s live-action video series is live now as well.

Here are both videos:

Fight Crab

New footage has emerged for the Switch version of Fight Crab. Take a look at the gameplay in the video below.

Fight Crab will be out for Switch in North America and Europe on September 15.

Fight Crab

Fight Crab developer Mastiff has rolled out a new trailer for their upcoming physics-based 3D action battle game. Check it out below.


Fight Crab is expected to launch on the Switch eShop in the West on September 15.


Fight Crab

A new launch trailer is in for the action game Fight Crab. Take a look at the video below.

Fight Crab is due out for Switch in Japan on August 20, followed by North America and Europe on September 15.

Fight Crab

In partnership with developer Calappa Games, Mastiff has announced that it will publish the physics-based 3D action battle game Fight Crab on Switch next month. A release is scheduled for September 15 in North America, Europe, and Australia.

At least for now, Fight Crab will be digital-only in the west. However, a physical version is planned for Asia, and you can import a copy here.

Here’s some information about Fight Crab as well as a trailer:

Slayaway Camp: Butcher’s Cut, an isometric puzzle game that first debuted on Switch as a digital download in March 2018, is getting a physical release. Physicality Games announced a partnership with Digerati and Mastiff to produce the physical version, which will be available to pre-order later this month.

Slayaway Camp: Butcher’s Cut will be offered in standard and deluxe editions. With a regular copy, you’re getting a copy of the game and a collector’s tin with a clear display window that shows off the game’s cover artwork. The deluxe edition comes with those two items and adds a themed steelbook, Skullface embroidered iron-on patch, 24×36” camp flag, and Skullface audio keychain. All collector’s tins are sequentially numbered.

Here’s some information about Slayaway Camp: Butcher’s Cut:

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