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Castle of Heart

Castle of Heart

7Levels has updated its action platformer Castle of Heart once again. With the latest patch, full HD support for TV screens has been added. Performance is also said to be improved and frame rate issues have been taken care of.

Castle of Heart is promoting its new patch with a sale. It’s currently 33% off on the eShop.

Source: 7Levels PR

Castle of Heart

Castle of Heart is receiving its first big update today. 7Levels has listened to feedback, and has implemented a number of features improvements.

Among what’s new is an Easy Mode and an in-game tutorial. 7Levels has also cleaned up animations, improved combat, and more.

Castle of Heart

With Castle of Heart joining the Switch eShop today, 7Levels has published an official launch trailer. You can see the video below.

Castle of Heart

Releasing on Switch tomorrow is the action-adventure game Castle of Heart from 7levels. Get a look at some footage below.

Castle of Heart

7Levels has shared a new video from its upcoming Switch exclusive Castle of Heart from the Dark Forest. View it below.

The action-platformer Castle of Heart arrives for Switch on March 23.

Castle of Heart

7Levels announced Castle of Heart for Switch last month. Today, the action-platformer was given a concrete release date.

Castle of Heart launches via the eShop on March 23. Pricing is set at $14.99 / €14.99 / £13.49.

Find a full trailer and more information for Castle of Heart below.

7levels has posted a new gameplay video for Castle of Heart, a new action platformer coming to Switch. Have a look at it below.

7levels has announced Castle of Heart, a new game in development only for Switch. It’s an action-platformer in which you’ll play as a knight to reach a dark ruler’s castle and free yourself of a curse. The game has 20 levels, tons of different weapons, HD Rumble support, and more.

Castle of Heart launches on Switch in Q1 2018. We have a ton of additional information and a teaser below.

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