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Cave Interactive

City Connection and Cave Interactive have released a new update for the Deathsmiles I & II collection that addresses multiple bugs. Here are the full patch notes:

Deathsmiles I & II gameplay

Deathsmiles I & II will be making its debut on Switch in the west soon, but we have some early gameplay. Today’s video contains 40 minutes of footage.

We have the following overview for Deathsmiles I & II:

deathsmiles I II release date

Deathsmiles I & II now has a release date in the west. The title just recently landed in Japan, as it was made available on December 16. As for North America and Europe, the Switch eShop shows a release date of December 30.

Here’s some information about Deathsmiles I & II from the eShop listing:

Deathsmiles I & II

Last year, City Connection and Cave Interactive announced Deathsmiles I & II for Switch. A follow-up report was shared today. Deathsmiles I & II is now confirmed for a December 16 launch in Japan.

For those that missed our original coverage, Deathsmiles I & II will include the following:

Deathsmiles I & II

City Connection and Cave Interactive have announced Deathsmiles I & II, a new collection for Switch. A release is scheduled for 2021 in Japan.

Here’s a rundown as to what’s included:

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