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Chad Moldenhauer

Cuphead health bars

Something that Cuphead fans may notice about the game is that there aren’t any health bars. While battling bosses, some may find it difficult to determine how close they are to being defeated.

Co-director Chad Moldenhauer explained why Studio MDHR opted for this approach in a recent issue of EDGE. It sounds like the developer considered implementing health bars in Cuphead while working on early mockups, but having them in would take away the feeling of playing an actual cartoon from the 1930s. Additionally, there was some concern that there would be a focus on DPS and potentially missing key visual clues.

Cuphead - The Delicious Last Course

Studio MDHR provided an update on Cuphead’s Delicious Last Course expansion today. It was originally planned for release later this year, but has now been pushed back to 2020.

Co-director Chad Moldenhauer has since issued a statement about the delay. In addition to having a high-quality product, the move was also done to maintain the team’s health – which is especially important due to how much talk there has been regarding development crunch as of late.

The full statement reads:

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