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Die Gute Fabrik

Saltsea Chronicles gameplay

Fresh gameplay is here for Saltsea Chronicles, a story-driven adventure title. Die Gute Fabrik just recently put it on Switch.

We’ve got some information about it in the following overview:

Saltsea Chronicles release date

Saltsea Chronicles now has a release date, and it’s just a week away. Die Gute Fabrik has announced that the title is lined up for October 12, 2023 on Switch.

We previously reported on Saltsea Chronicles in June when it was first confirmed for Switch. It was previously known to be arriving sometime in 2023.

Saltsea Chronicles

Today, Die Gute Fabrik unveiled its new project Saltsea Chronicles. The title launches for Switch later in 2023.

Saltsea Chronicles, a story-driven adventure game, takes place in a post-flood world as a crew of misfits must heist a ship and mount a rescue of their missing captain. The game features a series of islands, different communities, and a mystery at the heart of story.

Here’s some additional information about Saltsea Chronicles:

Publisher Akupara Games and developer Die Gute Fabrik have announced new “Penpal” DLC for the adventure title Mutazione. Switch players can access the content now as part of a free update.

With Mutazione having been released two years ago, the “Penpal” DLC also takes place a couple of years later and lets players return to the game world to catch up with their favorite characters, expanding on the original conclusion. They’ll draft letters, catch up on the gossip, and see photographs from their old friends. The experience lasts for a week since each letter will take 24 hours to unlock. Also available are small seed gifts and sounds from old friends.


The adventure game Mutazione has arrived on Switch, and we have a new trailer to celebrate. Have a look at today’s video below.

Mutazione just joined the Switch eShop a short while ago. Head on over here for more details about the game.


Akupara Games and Die Gute Fabrik will release the adventure game Mutazione on Switch next week, an eShop listing reveals. It’s expected on May 26.

Here’s an overview of Mutazione, along with a trailer:

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