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Dolores Entertainment

Bit Dungeon+ is already available in Europe, as it launched in July. In North America, we’ll be seeing it this week. Dolores Entertainment has passed along the news that the game is lined up for Thursday.

Here’s an overview:

“Bit Dungeon+ is a two-player action rogue-like adventure. You and your loved one have been captured and trapped in a dungeon for a thousand years. You wake up in a cell – grab your weapon and let the quest to find her soul begin!

Explore randomised dungeons and hack and slash your way through dangerous bosses. The difficulty increases as you become stronger and stronger, so upgrade your character with powerful passive abilities.”

Bit Dungeon+ will cost $6.00.

Source: Dolores Entertainment PR

More footage has been posted from the new Wii U eShop game Bit Dungeon+. Check out the latest video with gameplay below.

Nintendo Hall has posted a few minutes of footage from the new Wii U eShop game Bit Dungeon. Watch the gameplay below.

Europe will have Bit Dungeon+ on the eShop starting next week. To download the game, Wii U owners will need 332MB of free space. It launches on July 14.


Bit Dungeon+ has been dated for the European Wii U eShop. It’ll be out on July 14 for €4.99.

We mentioned last month that Bit Dungeon+ would be making its way to Wii U soon. For those that missed the news, here’s the game’s trailer:


Dolores Entertainment announced back in 2014 that Bit Dungeon was in the works for Wii U. It’s still on the way, and it should be out soon under the new name “Bit Dungeon+”.

Here’s a trailer:

Bit Dungeon+ features fast-paced action inspired by Zelda with randomized loot. The game will offer randomized dungeons along with hack-and-slash gameplay as you journey to take down bosses.


Ice Cream Surfer takes up about 250MB of space, it would seem. The game is set to launch in Europe this Thursday and North America very soon.


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