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Dragalia Lost

Dragalia Lost has revived a facility event, Summoning Showcase, and a story event, all of which are now live in the game. The facility event is The Accursed Archives and it allows players to earn the event-exclusive facility the Library Obscura. This facility boosts the stats of shadow-attuned adventurers and increases the damage they do against enemies in event quests. The Accursed Archives will run until 10:59pm PT on October 26, 2020.

There is also a revival of the story event Stirring Shadows with a Summoning Showcase featuring characters from that event. The adventurers/dragons being featured are:

Dragalia Lost has just launched its newest Gala Dragalia Remix, this one featuring 5★ Halloween Melsa (wind/lance) and 5★ Halloween Akasha (water/blade) at its forefront. These adventurers come with video showcases, which have been attached below. The Gala Dragalia Remix starts now and runs until October 15, 2020 at 11:00pm PT. 

Also coming soon to Dragalia Lost is the revival of two past events: Accursed Archives and Stirring Shadows. Both this facility event and story event will start on October 18, 2020 at 11:00pm PT and they will run until October 26, 2020 at 10:59pm PT.

A Gala Dragalia Remix will start on Oct. 15, 11 PM PT. Adventurers such as 5★ Halloween Melsa and Halloween Akasha will appear in the summon showcase. You can get a preview for these characters in the video below:


Dragalia Lost has received a new update (version 2.0.1) that fixes a few bugs in various chapters.

The official patch notes are below for the specific fixes.

Dragalia Lost has released its newest content, this time adding the onslaught event, Postmortem Panic, an epilogue to Forgotten Truths, Halloween goodies for logging in, and a new Platinum Showcase and Dragon Special summoning showcase.

To start, the log-in bonus will give out rewards for the next seven days. These specific rewards will be:

Day 1: Gold Crystal × 200
Day 2: Sunlight Ore × 1
Day 3: Consecrated Water × 200
Day 4: Blessed Ethon Ashes × 20
Day 5: Exquisite Honey × 20
Day 6: Champion’s Testament × 1
Day 7: Wyrmite × 400

Next up, both of the summoning showcase (Platinum and Dragon Special) are featuring Dragons to give players a better chance of summoning them. The dragons featured in both showcases are Konohana Sakuya, Gaibhne & Creidhne, and Ariel. These showcases will run until October 15, 2020 at 10:59pm PT.

Dragalia Lost has started its newest Platinum Showcase today, this one featuring Wind-attuned adventurers. Kirsty and Meene are the adventurers that are being focused in this showcase, and it will be live until 10:59pm PT, October 11, 2020.

Also live now is Master difficulty for Ciella’s Wrath in The Agito Uprising. There will be special rewards for overcoming missions on this difficulty, the rewards allowing players to craft wind-attuned 6★ weapons. 

A Platinum Showcase starts Oct. 8, 11 PM PT. A 5★ adventurer is guaranteed to appear as the tenth summon in your tenfold summon, but remember these showcases only take paid currency. Additionally, there is now new content for the Forgotten Truths raid event in the form of a soundtrack compilation put together by the Dragalia Lost team. You can check out the video below.


Events such as a double drops event for Advanced Dragon Trials started Oct. 5, 11 PM PT. This is a great time for players to get the materials needed from these quests. Additionally, a 2nd Anniversary survey is now out to get feedback on how players feel about Dragalia Lost. Select feedback will be summarized and posted to the official website along with responses from Director Okada. You can access the survey here.

Dragalia Lost’s previous Twitter campaign has been a success, with players exceeding the required goals for max rewards. You can take a look at the announcements from the Dragalia Lost team regarding current events here:

  • Thanks to your support, we exceeded 30,000 retweets between the Japanese and English Twitter accounts, so we will send gifts including 1,200 wyrmite and one champion’s testament to all players!
  • A new difficulty level, Ciella’s Wrath: Master, will be added to The Agito Uprising on Oct. 8, 11 PM PT!
  • Finish episode 9 of the Forgotten Truths raid event to unlock The War of Binding’s Climax, a quest with fixed parameters. This quest allows you to experience the showdown with Morsayati, regardless of your team’s might!

The second anniversary event is ongoing in Dragalia Lost and a lot more content has been added today. This includes a Dream Summon Special, a Prize Showcase, episode 9 of the story, and Omega difficulty for Forgotten Truths. 

Players can use the Dream Summon Special by purchasing it with 1,200 diamantium, and it will earn them one Tenfold Summon Voucher and one adventurer or dragon. This will run until 10:59pm PT, October 30, 2020.