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Dragalia Lost

Dragalia Lost just celebrated its first anniversary a few days ago. The game has been pretty successful for Nintendo, as it’s the company’s third highest grossing mobile game at $106 million in total player spending from 3.2 million downloads. However, August 2019 was its lowest grossing month to date at just over $3 million generated.

Fire Emblem Heroes is Nintendo’s biggest revenue earner on mobile at $618 million. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp follows next at $111 million.

The latest Raid Event — Fractured Futures — is now live within Dragalia Lost.

While only a trailer was shared previously, full details on the event can be viewed below.

Nintendo and Cygames have issued a new Dragalia Lost trailer for Fractured Futures, a raid event that will be starting in-game tomorrow. While active, you can use co-op play to fight against the light-attuned raid boss.

Here’s a brief introduction, along with a trailer:

Valfarre has joined the Astral Raids in Dragalia Lost. The character will be present until September 30.

As a reminder, Astral Raids are event quests where you can fight against past raid bosses. Astral pieces are needed to challenge Astral Raid quests.

It is officially the first anniversary of the release of Dragalia Lost.

In celebration, Cygames has shared the artwork below. In addition, a daily free tenfold summon event is on now through October 7th, and special anniversary login bonuses are now available.

A new Gala Dragalia even will be available in Dragalia Lost starting on September 27th, and a Platinum Showcase will be available for purchase during it.

Gala Prince is set to be featured in the Gala Dragalia until October 2nd. Then, past Gala Dragalia adventurers will be available until October 4th. 

In addition, a Platinum Showcase will be available for purchase, which is a special tenfold summon that ensures at least one 5-star pickup. 

Those interested can view more details below.

Nintendo and Cygames have uploaded the full presentation for Dragalia Lost’s “First Anniversary Dragalia Digest”. Give it a look below.

A new Mega Man crossover event is in the works for Dragalia Lost. That news comes from director Yuji Okada, who made the announcement during today’s “Dragalia Digest” video.

Unfortunately, details are under wraps for the time being. Additional information is expected on October 1 as part of a monthly status update.

The Mega Man crossover event will launch in Dragalia Lost this winter.

A big update is starting to roll out for Dragalia Lost. Version 1.12.0 involves raid boosts, Expert and Master difficulties for Advanced Dragon Trials, and much more.

Below are the full patch notes:

Cygames has announced that a new Dragalia Digest video will air on September 25th at 8pm CT to celebrate the 1st Anniversary of the release of Dragalia Lost.

The video is expected to be 15 minutes long and will include new information on the future of Dragalia Lost, as well as what is to be expected in the Version 1.12.0 update. 

Those interested can view and bookmark the YouTube Live video below for when it goes live. In addition, new artwork from the Dragalia Lost team has been shared to celebrate the upcoming anniversary. 

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