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Dragon Quest Builders 2

This week’s issue of Famitsu contains a Dragon Quest Builders 2 interview with producer Noriyoshi Fujimoto and assistant producer Takuma Shiraishi. The two developers shared the latest details about the game. Fujimoto and Shiraishi talked about the reason for moving ahead with the sequel, where development is at currently, multiplayer and story teases, and more.

Here’s the full roundup of information, courtesy of Siliconera:

During its Dragon Quest Builders ‘Builders 100 Landscapes Contest: The Road to Builders 2’ broadcast earlier today, Square Enix debuted brand new footage of Dragon Quest Builders 2. We’ve included the relevant recording below.

Square Enix also revealed that if you have data from the first Dragon Quest Builders, you can bring it over to the sequel, though we don’t know the extend of this just yet. Specifics will be announced at a later date.

Square Enix announced Dragon Quest Builders 2 during the Dragon Quest Festival last August. While not confirmed, it’s possible that we’ll be getting an update this month.

On February 16, Square Enix is hosting a “Builders 100 Landscapes Contest: The Road to Builders 2” broadcast. This will cover details on a contest involving the Switch, PS4, PS3, and PS3 versions of the original game.

The broadcast’s description doesn’t specifically mention any new information about Dragon Quest Builders 2. However, based on the title, there could be some news.


Yesterday, Square Enix unveiled Dragon Quest Builders 2 for Switch. A few details about the game were shared at the Dragon Quest Summer Festival 2017 event.

Keywords for the game include “traveling companion” and “young Malroth”. Series creator Yuji Horii didn’t talk about either one in-depth, but said “Malroth is your companion”. Malroth is the name of final boss from Dragon Quest 2, by the way.

Update: Since the live stream is ongoing, here’s a video with just the footage:

Original: Dragon Quest Builders 2 is in development for Switch, Square Enix has revealed. The news was just shared during the Dragon Quest Summer Festival 2017.

Square Enix showed the first footage during a live stream just moments ago. You can watch it towards the end of the video below.

Among the new elements in Dragon Quest Builders 2 are underwater exploration and gliding. Multiplayer is also confirmed to be in.


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