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Dragon Quest Builders 2

During a broadcast today, Square Enix provided the first details on Dragon Quest Builders 2’s DLC planned following launch.

The company has shared the following:

V-Jump has an early look at the Dragon Quest Builders 2 demo arriving in Japan next week. Have a look at some footage below.

Square Enix has updated the official Japanese website of Dragon Quest Builders 2 with some information on the game’s Endless Battle Island setting; we’ve rounded up the details below (credit goes to Gematsu for the translation):

In Dragon Quest Builders 2, the residents of the island will actually help you build certain structures. All you need to do is make the blueprint and put the necessary materials for the structure in the storage chest. The residents will then proceed to build that structure according to the blueprint using materials from the storage chest.

Other than castles, you can also build magical weapons that can be used in the fight against the Hargon Order. Weapons include the Zap Barrier, which prevents enemies from advancing, the Sizz Tile, a trap that creates a pillar of flame when enemies step onto it, and the Woosh Vacuum, which attacks enemies with a huge tornado.

Enemies aren’t the only obstacle you’ll come across in your travels – you will also have to navigate difficult terrain. This includes underwater caves, strong storms and blizzards.

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Ahead of the release of Dragon Quest Builders 2 on December 20, Square Enix continues to unveil new details on the game. This time, the latest update comes out of Weekly Jump with news on automatic construction by residents and a few fresh weapons.

The details on the convenient feature and new materials can be viewed below. The translation has been provided by Gematsu.

Dragon Quest Builders 2

Cross-platform play between various consoles has been a hot topic in the gaming industry in the last couple of months, with Nintendo being very open to it while Sony often blocked any attempt at it. However, it seems like things are changing a little bit, at least for the upcoming Dragon Quest Builders 2.

One of the game’s key new features is the Bulletin Board, where players can upload pictures of the islands they created. The Bulletin Board also allows you to visit those islands yourselves. As it turns out, this Bulletin Board is shared between the Switch and PS4 versions of the game, so someone playing the game on Switch can visit an island from someone playing on PS4 and vice-versa. This info comes from an interview with the developers in the latest issue of Famitsu magazine.

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Square Enix dished out a new wave of Dragon Quest Builders 2 details and screenshots today. The latest batch covers the story and residents of the fourth main island, Unfinished Battle Island. We’ve rounded everything up below, courtesy of Gematsu.

Square Enix has sent out official details and screenshots covering the new Bulletin Board and Builder Pencil in Dragon Quest Builders 2. Find the full roundup below, courtesy of Gematsu.

During a Builders School Multiplayer Party broadcast, Square Enix announced that a demo for Dragon Quest Builders 2 will be distributed on the Japanese Switch eShop beginning December 6. It’ll feature the tutorial and a section of the first island. Players can build and experience some of the game’s new “Bulletin Board” element in the demo, but multiplayer won’t be included.

Square Enix also gave a first look at Bulletin Board and Builder Pencil features during today’s presentation. Find the relevant details below.

The latest issue of the Weekly Jump magazine shared a lot of new information about Dragon Quest Builders 2. Read about the additions below courtesy of a translation by Gematsu.

  • There is an island called “Materials Island” where you can obtain plenty of materials for building.
  • By satisfying certain conditions, you will be able to create unlimited amounts of frequently used materials on the workbench, like string.
  • Materials Island is also where the creations of the “Builders 100 Landscapes” contest winners can be found.
  • “Mysterious Floors” – A mechanism that moves in response to magnetic floors.
  • “Trampoline” – Jump on it to perform a big jump useful for moving to high places.
  • “Launch Tube” – Can be used to launch fireworks.
  • “Display Sign” – Can be filled in with a message.

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Ahead of its Switch release on December 20, Square Enix is hosting the Dragon Quest Builders 2: Builders School Multiplayer Party event on November 14, which will be available to view on YouTube. The video will run from 8 am to 10:30 pm EST.

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