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Eko Software

After a fairly long wait, How to Survive is finally making its way to Wii U. The European eShop has the game listed for a June 5 launch – that’d be next week. These listings aren’t always 100% accurate, though they’re spot on more often than not.

Thanks to MATT81DE for the tip.


Despite having been released months ago on other platforms, How to Survive remains in development for Wii U.

The game’s Twitter account stated today that team is “working to get it out there”, with news potentially coming “soon”.

The full tweet reads:


Update: Sharr has since retracted his original Kickstarter update – you can find the latest post here.

Earlier this year, a small indie team launched a Kickstarter for “Roam”. The survival simulator draws quite a few similarities to the recently-released How to Survive. Creator Ryan Sharr now claims in a Kickstarter update that 505 Games and Eko Software carried out ‘blatant theft’ for use in their own project.

It’s true that Roam and How to Survive share many of the same ideas, but Sharr isn’t making accusations out of the blue. Games do tend to share similar concepts from time to time, but 505 Games actually contacted Sharr during the Kickstarter campaign in hopes of arranging a publishing deal. It was refused, and 505 Games ended up announcing – and launching – How to Survive just a few months later.

Sharr has not yet determined how he will proceed. You can find his full notice after the break, which should give you better insight into the situation.