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Fault: Milestone One

Limited Run Games and Sekai Games have announced that the visual/cinematic novel Fault: Milestone One is getting a physical release on Switch. Fans can choose between a standard copy or collector’s edition.

The collector’s edition includes:

The visual novel Fault: Milestone One debuts on Switch this Thursday. For a look at some footage, check out the video below.

Fault: Milestone One, which was dated for October 3 on Switch earlier today, has received a new trailer. We’ve attached the video below.

Back in June, Sekai Games announced several visual novels they’d be bringing to the Nintendo Switch in the near future. One of them now has a concrete release date – Fault: Milestone One will be released on October 3rd worldwide. Here’s a description of the game, straight from the developer:

Who were the attackers and what was their goal?
Where did Selphine and Ritona end up?
Will the two make it home safely?
And more importantly, what has happened to their homeland?

Follow Selphine, the bubbly, happy-go-lucky Princess and her sharp-witted but slightly misanthropic Royal Guardian Ritona, on their journey of a lifetime back to their homeland of Rughzenhaide.


Sekai Games has announced a handful of games for Switch. Root Double: Before Crime After Days, Fault: Milestone One, Heart of the Woods, World End Economica, and Narcissu will be released starting this year. Find the full details below.

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