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Fight’N Rage

Fight'N Rage update 1.0.6

A new update has gone live for Fight’N Rage, bringing the game to version 1.0.6. Players can now view game statistics, access a secret mode, and see new costumes for enemies. Small performance improvements have also been implemented.

Below are the full patch notes for the Fight’N Rage version 1.0.6 update, courtesy of sebagamesdev:

Fight'N Rage

The old-school side-scroller beat’em up game Fight’N Rage, which was previously offered on Switch as an eShop title, is now getting a physical release. Limited Run Games announced plans to produce the boxed version today.

It looks like it’ll be a standard release with no limited edition. However, all copies will include the original soundtrack with digital music transcription books and three sticker sheets.

Pre-orders open on January 1, 2021. Limited Run Games will be taking pre-orders through its website.


Fight'N Rage

The brawler Fight’N Rage makes its debut on Switch as a digital download tomorrow. Have a look at some footage in the video below.

Fight'N Rage

Fight’N Rage, a side-scrolling beat ’em up from developer sebagamesdev, is on the way to Switch. An eShop listing shows that Blitworks will be publishing the game on September 26.

We have the following overview and trailer for Fight’N Rage:

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