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Fuga on the Battlefield

Fuga: Melodies of Steel

When Fuga: Melodies of Steel launches on Switch in early 2020, it won’t be a digital-only title on the eShop. CyberConnect 2 president Hiroshi Matsuyama confirmed in a Q&A video that a physical version is in the works as well for the strategy RPG.

Matsuyama noted that the company is “currently discussing with potential partners to find the best match” on the production of a physical version. There are plans to offer boxed copies “for all countries and regions”.

Fuga will no longer be making its original fall 2019 release window. At Anime Expo 2019, developer CyberConnect2 confirmed that the Little Tail Bronx successor will now launch in 2020.

Fuga also has a final name. With its added subtitle, it will be known as Fuga: Melodies of Steel.


CyberConnect2 first started the Little Tail Bronx series with Tail Concerto on the PlayStation back in 1998. Then in 2010, Solatorobo: Red the Hunter came to DS. Fuga on the Battlefield will see the franchise return once again next summer.

Notice a pattern here? There’s about a decade long wait in between titles. In an interview with Anime News Network, CyberConnect2 CEO Hiroshi Matsuyama explained why it takes so long for new games to be released, stating:

Several months ago, CyberConnect 2 announced a trio of titles. One of these was Fugue on the Battlefield, a Little Tail Bronx 20th anniversary title.

Fugue on the Battlefield has resurfaced in Famitsu with a Summer 2019 release window. CyberConnect2 president and CEO Hiroshi Matsuyama also provides the following development update:

CyberConnect2 unveiled three new games last week, and they’re all coming to Switch. Fuga, Tokyo Ogre Gate, and Cecile are all coming to Switch in the future.

Famitsu has more details on the three titles in its latest issue. Here’s the full rundown, courtesy of Siliconera:

CyberConnect2 has announced that its “Trilogy of Vengeance” games will be released on the Switch. As part of CyberConnect2’s “New Original Project Strategy”, they are planning on releasing several self-published games in addition to commissioned works for other publishers. These new games will be comparatively smaller in size and scope, but will also be cheaper and will only get digital releases. The first three games of this kind are the “Trilogy of Vengeance” games:

Fuga on the Battlefield


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