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Future Tech Lab

Publisher Future Tech Lab and developer PureWish have announced that visual novel Song of Memories will finally be arriving on Switch digitally via the eShop next week on March 23, with pre-orders now live. The game was previously cancelled back in 2019, with suggestions that a port of the title may not be possible but that options were being considered.

Here’s an overview of the title:

Song of Memories developer Future Tech Lab has followed up on tweets made last month regarding the game’s status on Switch.

Despite PQube saying the Switch version had been cancelled and developer Yasuo Omote suggesting that it may not be possible, there may be some hope after all. Omote provided a status update on Twitter today, stating the team is still looking into it, and it isn’t 100% cancelled. If there’s a way it can be ported, they’re going to do it, but the main problems are resources and the cost of porting it.


Last month, PQube announced that the Switch version of Song of Memories had been cancelled. Yasuo Omote from developer Future Tech Lab attempted to explain the situation on Twitter a little while back.

Omote started out by saying that the team had a lot of trouble with licensing during development on the Switch version. He believes they could take it on themselves, but just don’t have the resources for it right now. The development costs and the associated burdens would be too much. Future Tech Lab is working on Song of Unleash as well, so Omote wondered if it’ll be okay for Switch. As he said though, they’ve had trouble with licensing.

Song of Memories

Song of Memories is heading to both Japan and the west soon. PQube has confirmed that the localized release “is the same as the Japanese version” in terms of content. However, “in terms of localisation, ages have been removed from the characters, and the term School has been changed to Academy.” PQube explained that these changes were made in order to “placate age rating boards and has nothing to do with recent platform holder changes.”

Song of Memories was originally due out last fall. A new date should be announced in the near future.


The localization of Song of Memories was announced this week. In both North America and Europe, the game will be published by PQube.

Fans of physical releases will be happy to hear that Song of Memories won’t be an eShop exclusive. It will be sold at retailers, and Amazon UK has already opened pre-orders here. We also have the game’s boxart above.

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