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Gaming Factory

Electrician Simulator

Electrician Simulator is planned to launch on Switch, publishers Gaming Factory and Ultimate Games plus developer Take IT Studio announced today. The title will arrive on Nintendo’s console in 2023.

Electrician Simulator has players making a career for themselves as an electrician and performing various jobs such as creating an entire electrical grid from scratch as well as repairing various electrical items. Read more about it below.

Foodtruck Arena

Foodtruck Arena, a hybrid of car combat and sports gameplay, is out now on Switch. Find some footage in the video below.

Foodtruck Arena is being distributed digitally for Switch as an eShop download. For more on the game, head on over here.

Foodtruck Arena

Car combat and sports mashup title Foodtruck Arena arrives on Switch today. Check out the launch trailer shared by Gaming Factory below.

Foodtruck Arena

It’s been announced that Foodtruck Arena, a car combat and soccer/football hybrid, is soon set to appear on Switch. The game is on track for a July 2 release.

Here’s some information about Foodtruck Arena as well as a trailer:

Gaming Factory announced today that Celebrity Life, a celebrity simulator, is prepping to launch on Switch in 2022. Check out a trailer and overview below.

Big Battle: Defend the Wall

Forestlight Games and Gaming Factory today announced Big Battle: Defend the Wall, a title featuring a mix of tower defense and strategy. The project is currently in development for Switch.

Here’s an overview of Big Battle: Defend the Wall, along with a trailer:

Gaming Factory today announced Pizza Simulator, “a unique combination of strategy and simulation games mixed with some economic elements.” A release is planned for 2021.

Here’s an overview of Pizza Simulator, along with a trailer:

Publisher Gaming Factory and developer Cat-astrophe Games today announced FoodBall, a mixture of sports, racing, and food. A release is planned for Q3 2020 on Switch.

Here’s an overview of FoodBall, along with a trailer:

Publishers Ultimate Games and Gaming Factory, along with developer Live Motion Games, have announced Bakery Simulator. The title will hit Switch sometime in 2020.

Here’s an overview of the game:

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