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GRIP: Combat Racing

Wired Productions and Caged Element are bringing a new version of GRIP: Combat Racing to retail, the companies announced today. The Rollers vs AirBlades Ultimate Edition includes three garage pack bundles, new Artifex – fighter jet inspired – vehicles and a year’s worth of updates.

Here’s a trailer:

GRIP: Combat Racing AirBlades vs Rollers Ultimate Edition launches November 5.

Source: Wired Productions PR

Wired Productions and Caged Element have teased the next content update for GRIP: Combat Element. “Summer of Combat” will introduce new tracks and arena maps, new vehicles (including an as yet unannounced new licensed IP), optimization, and more.

Here’s what the GRIP Summer of Combat will include:

Publisher Wired Productions and developer Caged Element have announced a major update for GRIP: Combat Racing. Later this month, a new anti-grav racing class will be added alongside additional levels. All players will be able to download the “AirBlades” update for free.

Here’s some additional information:

Publisher Wired Productions and developer Caged Element today announced that a massive update will be made available for GRIP: Combat Racing on Switch this month. Four free new tracks will be added along with the introduction of Team Racing and Deathmatch, and more.

Here’s an overview of the update:

GRIP: Combat Racing has more content planned for 2019, including new tracks. In a video shared this week, Wired Productions and Caged Element teased some of the upcoming courses. Check it out below.